“FASHION HOLIC GIRLS gathering up at once.” “Girls Award 2013 AUTUMN/ WINTER” show report.

“FASHION HOLIC GIRLS gathering up at once.”  “Girls Award 2013 AUTUMN/ WINTER” show report.

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I went to report the biggest fashion and music event that all fashion holic girls are dying to go.
Other than the runway, the most popular artists and actors come as guests, it is a super exciting festival for girls.


The biggest difference of “Girls Award” and “Fashion Week” are the models and the clothing’s. The models you see on the runway are the popular models from fashion magazines. Some are as short as 160cm, some are still college students or even high school. So the runway is not the perfect dream world but more close to our real life. Also the clothes the models wear are all “daily used” that every girl can wear and afford. You can buy those clothes from the girls award website while the show is going, which is one of the characteristics of this event.

Today I would like to introduce two hottest items of the season coming up that girls in Tokyo are keeping a close watch.

1. Hounds tooth check


“MURUA” is a popular brand among girls from collage. There is a superb harmonize of Mode and Japanese gal which creates a “fine-looking woman style”. The hounds tooth check came out in almost all items, pants, tops, accessories on the runway. It can give a feminine impression just by adding one item of this in your daily fashion.


2. Beanie


“Bershka” is the sister brand of “ZARA” which I am sure everyone is familiar with. Beanies became explosively popular since last fall. Since then we see girls and boys wearing them no matter how hot it is during the summer. Recently we see many different types of beanies full of originality.


“Girls Award” is an event where we can see the full style of the hottest items from a brand familiar to us. And we can use it in our coordinate for the next day to school. Also it is one of the big opportunities to see our favorite models we see on magazines and advertisements every day.

Such events as “Girls Award” are the source for sending out the trend of the season as well as fashion magazines and brands.
I am looking forward to see all the fashion holic girls around the world coming to visit this event!!


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