GANG PARADE Step Out into the Sunlight in the MV for “WE ARE the IDOL”!

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GANG PARADE Step Out into the Sunlight in the MV for “WE ARE the IDOL”!

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GANG PARADE (formerly known as POP) take a bold step in a new direction with the MV for “WE ARE the IDOL” (release date: July 19)!

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“WE ARE the IDOL” is the first single since GANG PARADE changed their name from POP (Period of Plastic 2 mercy) in June of 2016 and their first ballad-type song. Dark scenes of the members dressed in black and struggling with their doubts and fears are mixed in with happier scenes of them dressed in white. The music was composed by Kenta Matsukuma (BiS, BiSH) and the lyrics were written by Yua Yumeno. With so many changes coming since they became a 5 member group at the beginning of last summer, it looks like things are finally beginning to look up for GANG PARADE.

The coupling song for “WE ARE the IDOL” is titled “Kore wa Kitto aventure”. To commemorate the release of the single, they will be holding their biggest one-man live to date at Shibuya WWW on July 18th (Marine Day).

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July 18, 2016 (Monday)
Shibuya WWW, Rise Building B1, Udagawa-cho 13-17, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open: 2:00pm Start: 3:00pm
Presale: 3,000 yen, 1,000 yen cash back for females (+ 1 drink minimum)

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