GANG PARADE Reveal 2 More New Songs From New Album “Barely Last”!

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GANG PARADE Reveal 2 More New Songs From New Album “Barely Last”!

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GANG PARADE have released 2 more new songs “crazy night” and “ISSIN ITTAI” from their upcoming album “Barely Last” (release date: November 8) to Sound Cloud and Ototoy!

These 2 songs join “this is love song” and “sugar” which were released on October 14th and “don’t forget me not” and “Te wo Nobasu” which followed on October 21st.

Although October began with Maaya Inukai’s withdrawal (October 1), debut of new member Maika Kyan (October 2), and announcement of the former SiS members Yuka Terashima (fka Yufu Terayama), Yui Ga Dokuson (fka Second Summer Uika), and Coco Partin Coco (fka Rio Michihayashi) joining GANG PARADE (October 6), new songs turned things around.

GANG PARADE begins their activities as a 7-member group and concludes their Barely Last TOUR at Shinjuku BLAZE on November 13, 2016. It should be a “crazy night” for sure!

Track List

01 sugar
02 crazy night
03 Barely Last
04 don’t forget me not
07 Te wo Nobasu
08 this is love song
09 WE ARE the IDOL
10 Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky

Buy Item

Barely Last

GANG PARADE One Man Live “Barely Last”
November 13, 2016 (Sunday)
Shinjuku BLAZE
Open: 4:00pm Start: 5:00pm
Presale: 3,000 yen (+ 1 drink minimum)
Female area available

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