GANG PARADE Announce 2nd Single “Beyond the Mountain”!

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GANG PARADE Announce 2nd Single “Beyond the Mountain”!

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Fresh off the finale of their “BODY&7SOUL Tour” at Shimokitazawa SHELTER on April 30, 2017, GANG PARADE have announced the upcoming release of their 2nd single “Beyond the Mountain” (release date: July 25)!

The single comes right in the middle of the “rental trade” period that has Saki Kamiya and BiS‘ Aya Eight Prince switching groups from May until September. “Beyond the Mountain” will be released in 2 different versions. Type-A includes a 2017 version of “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” and Type-B includes a 2017 version of “QUEEN OF POP”. The coupling songs for both versions are as of yet untitled. GANG PARADE will be having a tour in support of the single which will include: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, and Sendai.

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