Past and Present: BiS Reveal New Group Photo and MV for “Romeo no Shinzou”!

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Past and Present: BiS Reveal New Group Photo and MV for “Romeo no Shinzou”!

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BiS step into the present with the reveal of their new group photo and look to the past with the MV for “Romeo no Shinzou” from their second album “Re:STUPiD” (release date: February 22)!

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The MV for “Romeo no Shinzou” arrives on May 1st, shortly after the last day of BiS’ activities as a 5-member group and is full of scenes of the members spending time together in karaoke rooms, eating together, and roaming around the city as the lyrics written by Pour Lui appear on the screen.


Due to the “rental trade” announced during WACK EXHiBiTiON on April 2, 2017, Saki Kamiya (GANG PARADE) would move to BiS and Aya Eight Prince (BiS) would move to GANG PARADE, the new group photo shows the new 7-member lineup which also includes new members Momoland and Pan Luna Leafy. Kamiya makes her first appearance with BiS at a release event for their upcoming single “SOCiALiSM (KARI)” at Tower Records Kawasaki on May 3rd and full 7-member lineup takes the stage as BiS kicks off their BAD SOCiAL TOUR at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on May 30th. “SOCiALiSM” will be released on May 31st and Saki Kamiya and Aya Eight Prince are scheduled to revert back to their respective groups at the end of September 2017.

Track List

01 gives
02 twisted grunge
03 Mysterious Hall
05 Never Starting Song
06 NOT the END
07 Give Me a Chocolate
08 Romeo no Shinzou
09 Ashita ga Kuru nara

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