Idols as Love Interests, or the Magic Power of “Gachikoi” Love Born from a Mutual “Awareness”
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The song “Ai Oboeteimasu ka” from the anime film Macross: Do You Remember Love? begins “Right now I can hear your voice saying, ‘Come here’”, and was sung on stage by idol singer Lynn Minmay. The anime paints a love story between her and the main character, but as I watched it all I could think was, “A relationship with an idol? Really?”



Of course idols are girls just like me, so it makes sense they fall in love, too. It’s just I had never considered that person could be a fan.

But since hearing, for example, Yuko Anai from Tokyo Performance Doll talking about how she made phone calls to fans before, I began to consider that likely there was more than a zero chance of it happening. I had felt that there was a certain amount of distance between idols and their fans.

But this “sense of distance” has is very much different from idols from the 80s and 90s and idols now.

…Learn more about "the distance between idols and fans", "awareness", and “pseudo-love”

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Toshiro Arai
Toshiro Arai

A producer of website "TOKYO IDOL NET", which "photography" and "idol" is its concept. He also writes for Tokyo Idol Project, and so on.

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