Flower Cafes in Tokyo: A Getaway to Nature in the City

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Flower Cafes in Tokyo: A Getaway to Nature in the City

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Tokyo may be an ever-growing city buzzing with urban life, but in the midst of all that concrete there are still places where you can take solace in nature. Themed cafes are aplenty in Tokyo, and the fairest of them all are these flower-themed cafes that welcome you into their garden in the middle of the city.

Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE


Originally a boutique chain of florists, Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE is an expansion into the café scene that has grown into a popular spot for romantic dates and gatherings. With three branches in Aoyama, Kichijoji and Akasaka, Aoyama Flower Market spreads their beautiful flower displays across town while warming visitors with exquisitely selected tea and food. It’s like having a meal inside a greenhouse; the sophisticated experience is enough to whisk you away from the stress of the day.

Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE website:

Nicolai Bergmann NOMU

Since coming to Japan twenty years ago, Danish floral artist Nicolai Bergmann has charmed countless people with his stunning works of floral art. His chain of flower shops later spawned a café, Nicolai Bergmann NOMU in Minami-Aoyama, now a highly sought after boutique café with a Northen European-inspired menu and flowers on your plate. Here you can admire the signature Nicolai Bergmann flower boxes while enjoying a fine meal in a lush flowery haven.

Nicolai Bermann website:

Les Grands Arbres

How about a getaway to a cozy treehouse? Without leaving the city, you can ensconce yourself in rich nature right here in Tokyo. Les Grands Arbres is a breath of fresh hair in the middle of a busy neighborhood. A magnificent tree helms the shop front, welcoming you into its embrace with plants and flowers. The flower shop takes up the first and second floor, but travel further up to the third floor and you’ll find a café with homey wooden furniture and natural flowers. Taking the theme of nature seriously, Les Grands Arbres offers a healthy menu with colorful deli plates and homemade desserts.

Les Grands Arbres website:


・ ・ オープンまでもう少し! ・ ・ coming soon! ・ ・

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This new kid on the block is one to watch out for. Opened just recently in October 2017, HANABAR has already made waves on social media for its chic atmosphere and artistry. The small bar in Ikebukuro is laced with dried flowers, creating a stylish space that’s effortlessly photogenic. It’s aesthetic right down to its menu—their curry and taco rice, the only two dishes on the lunch menu, are decorated with flowers to give you the most Insta-worthy food. It transforms fully into a bar at night, when it lights up and twinkles with a romantic air.

HANABAR website:


Tucked away in the suburbs, cotito manages to draw visitors from all over Tokyo with their specially designed desserts and snacks. Incorporating pressed flowers into their sweets, cotito delivers a charming marriage of nature and confection. They’re especially famous for their cheesecake, decorated gracefully with flowers and served exclusively on weekends. You couldn’t ask for a more elegant tea time! Visitors can also bring home a souvenir of dried flower cookies, so that you can take a piece of this flowery dream back with you.

cotito website:

the Flower Apartment

This Toranomon café brings you both nature and food in the highest quality possible. A florist-restaurant hybrid, they promise visitors a special experience with both a meticulously designed menu and interior space. Surround yourself with seasonal flowers as you dine on a wholesome meal. Just as the name suggests, you’ll feel right at home in this refreshing yet snug garden enclave.

the Flower Apartment website:

Who ever said Tokyo didn’t have nature? It might be hard to find, but these magical spaces are well worth the journey. Just like many others have, you’re bound to fall in love with the gorgeous greenery and fanciful flowers as you fill up on a good meal.

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