Gonna Bang Bang! FLiP Shake Things up in the Sweet and Spicy MV for “JEREMY”!

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Gonna Bang Bang! FLiP Shake Things up in the Sweet and Spicy MV for “JEREMY”!

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Girls’ band FLiP have released the MV for “JEREMY” from their mini album “BIRTH” (release date: May 6).

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Mixing sweet wordless singing (“ooh ooh ooh ooh” and “na na na na na”) phrases and a variety of vocal delivery techniques, Sachiko’s lyrics and steady rhythm guitar playing and Sayaka’s subtle bass lines contrast with Yuko’s spiky lead guitar while being held together by Yuumi’s drumming. “JEREMY” is one of the most solid songs from “BIRTH” and may someday be the second most famous song to have that title. If you’re too young to know what the most famous song is, go ask your parents or older siblings.

Since the MV was the first video on their new VEVO account and there were several clips in the teaser for the album, will there be more MVs on the way?

“BIRTH” will be sold in 2 versions: a limited edition version with a DVD and a regular CD-only version. The DVD has a “10th Anniversary Special Movie!” included. FLiP might be a very different band than they were when they started 10 years ago but, after that long, it would be odd if they hadn’t changed. They will be having a special 10th anniversary “one-man” at TSUTAYA O-WEST on July 12th. Don’t miss the next chapter in FLiP’s history!

Track List

01 ONE
03 YOU
06 LET IT DIE ~K & Q~
07 Chiisana Koi No Uta (bonus track)

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Birth / FLiP
Birth / FLiP

July 12, 2015 (Sunday)
TSUTAYA O-WEST, 6F Maruyama-cho 2-3, Shibuya, Tokyo
Open: 4:30pm Start: 5:00pm
3,800 yen (+1 drink minimum)

FLiP Official site:

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