FEMM: New-Tokyo’s EDM Mannequin Duo Want to Move You With Their Songs

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FEMM: New-Tokyo’s EDM Mannequin Duo Want to Move You With Their Songs

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Launched on November 30, 2013 FEMM (Far East Mention Mannequins) is a duo consisting of MS-000000 (LuLa) and SW-000000 (RiRi), who were liberated in order to free the oppressed mannequins of the world. Armed with precision robotic dance moves choreographed by Hidali (World Order), cutting edge fashion from GM Atelier, and infectious music, FEMM are actively recruiting an online army for their revolution.





Here is one of the most popular songs that have been released by the FEMM AGENCY SYNDICATE (FAS) so far:


Contributor Wanted!!

Be sure to check out their YouTube channel to see them all, because they’re all amazing!

LuLa and RiRi are managed by Honey-B and W-Trouble who are their “human agents” and in charge of their Twitter account. Those who sign up at their interactive site will be given two avatars: an agent (human) and a FEMM (Mannequin) and can rack up “mentions” (their virtual currency) in order for a chance to be choses as one of the “Secret Nine”. Actually, it might be easier to understand if you watch the video below.

Contributor Wanted!!

Do dolls have feelings? Do their songs move people? Are you ready to join the mannequin resistance?

Official Website:

Written by Okkun

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