feast by GOMIHAYAKAWA, a Lingerie Brand for Women with Smaller Breasts, Holds its First Exhibition!

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feast by GOMIHAYAKAWA, a Lingerie Brand for Women with Smaller Breasts, Holds its First Exhibition!

Gomi Hayakawa, designer of “feast by GOMIHAYAKAWA,” will hold her first exhibition of lingerie for sizes AAA~A cups(referred to as Cinderella Bust). Although smaller breasts may have a negative connotation, they have decided to celebrate these sizes by calling them 品乳 (“hinyuu”), which plays on the Kanji for small breasts 貧乳 (also pronounced “hinyuu”). Both can be read as “hinyuu,” but 品 means elegant or luxury while 貧 can be read as poor or lacking.

The concept of the exhibit is “Melt Melt Shampoo” and they will sell and take orders for feast by GOMIHAYAKAWAʼs 2015 summer collection and GoldLabelʼs new items. As usual, this collection will be sold towards women who feel troubled by having small breasts, but will also focus on the comfort and relaxation after taking a nice bath. Admission will be limited to women only.

Pictures above are from her past works.

While Japanese clothes may be considered small to people overseas, there are also people in Japan who cannot find clothes that fit correctly. Clothes usually come in three sizes, small, medium, and large (or sometimes just small and medium, or just one size fits all), and there are very little places that carry any sizes smaller or larger than that. For lingerie, there are many cute designs for larger sizes, and there are many brands that skip over A cups and start from B cups. People who donʼt fit within the common sizes tend to feel troubled by not being able to enjoy cuter designs.

Because of that issue, feast focuses on giving smaller sized women more to choose from and the opportunity to enjoy cute lingerie created specifically for these women. feast gathered attention for this concept, but the lingerie is actually so cute that you wonʼt believe their lingerie. They are designed very beautifully, to the point where you can say feast gained appreciation for their designs rather than their size.

With feastʼs lingerie, they hope to increase the amount of smaller breasted women who can enjoy lingerie!

feast by GOMIHAYAKAWA Lingerie for Smaller Breasted Women
~feast 2015 summer collection~
Date and Time: February 28, 2015 (Saturday) to March 1,
2015 (Sunday) 11:00-7:30
Location: Soratoniwa Harajuku Event Space
Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-25-18 THE SHARE 1F
Free admission, women only

■VIP Tea Salon
First Day 8:00PM-9:30PM, Second Day 9:30AM-11:00AM
Limited to 10 people
Fee: 5000円 (includes refreshments and souvenir)Enjoy a delicious brulee French toast and tea at Foru Cafe
while shopping leisurely the exhibition hall and take home a
salon original lingerie set as a souvenir.

feast by GOMIHAYAKAWA Official Website :

Translated by Misato


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