Faint⋆Star Will Be in J-Pop Summit! Don’t Miss The Early Bird Tickets Soon to Be Over By This Month

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Faint⋆Star Will Be in J-Pop Summit! Don’t Miss The Early Bird Tickets Soon to Be Over By This Month

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It has officially been announced that Faint⋆Star will be performing at J-Pop Summit in San Francisco, United States on August 8th (Sat) and/or August 9th (Sun), 2015. More details soon to be announced!


HINA (left) and YURIA (right)

Faint⋆Star is a idol-duo unit by HINA and YURIA, from the music agency “agehasprings.” Faint⋆Star was ranked at the top of the viewers on Tokyo Girls’ Update in May 2014, which shows that they were received well from the oversea audiences as well. They already have performed at big stages in Japan and international stages such as “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014,” “@JAM EXPO 2014,” “Synapples 2.0 ~ no border between sounds ~Produced by agehasprings” and they just finished performing at one of the biggest Japanese cultural festivals in Indonesia, “Little Tokyo Bloc-M ENNICHISAI 2015” which was also well received to audiences in Indonesia. With their second major singles, Faint⋆Star is highly evaluated domestically and internationally with their quality tracks and stage performances using visual technologies.

Contributor Wanted!!

Contributor Wanted!!

J-Pop Summit is an annual 2-day cultural festival of Japan held in San Francisco, United States since 2009. The event introduces both traditional and the latest Japanese cultures including art, anime, film, and music. This year, the event will be expanded in to four different locations within San Francisco, Fort Mason Center, Union Square, NEW PEOPLE Cinema and Castro Theatre. Not only Fairy⋆Star, guest J-Pop singers from Japan like, Eir Aoi, and Gacharic Spin will also be at the event, performing and having an autograph session and meet&greet session with them at the booth.

Tickets are now sold and early bird discount will be by June 30th (Tue) so hurry now!

Faint⋆Star Event Information at J-Pop Summit
Date: August 8th (Sat) OR 9th (Sun), 2015
Venue: For Mason Center Main Stage
More details to be announced soon!

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