Let’s talk with 9nine members on TGU video chat!

Let’s talk with 9nine members on TGU video chat!

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Hello everyone in overseas who loves Japanese Girls’ Pop Culture!
Finally, we prepared the precious chance that we connect you with Japanese Idol!

This time, we’ll connect overseas fans with 9nine!
Let’s cheer them and make some noise on Google hangout, video chatting system, with Japanese idol fans and fans from all over the world!

“If you are selected as a lucky person getting this premium seat,
you can talk with members using chat system!”


We’re holding F9GBP (Fan 9 Global Broadcasting Party) on September 8th,the day before 9nine day!
Connect with 9nine members through YouTube Live!

F9GBP is a 9nine fans’ gathering party to celebrate the “9nine day” on 9 September.
This will be broadcasted simultaneously around the world!
Also, fans from around the world will have the chance to enter a lottery to win a premium seat invitation. It is a chance to talk directly with 9nine members through a live chat.

6 people who are chosen by lottery for each stage will seat the special seat on Google hangout.
We broadcast your cheer voice to all over the world through the video chatting system.

English interpreter will support your talk with the members on that day!


All participants (if not chosen by lottery) can see the event through YouTube live.


DATE / September 8th
Venue / FutureSEVEN (Shibuya, Tokyo)


1st stage / 14:00- (JST) *tentative
2nd stage / 18:00- (JST) *tentative

After the 2nd stage- 21:00-25:00 *tentative (No chatting, broadcasting only)

[GLOBAL TIME] *schedule is tentative

<EU AREA (London time)>

1st stage / September 8th 5:00-
2nd stage / September 8th 11:00-

<ASIA AREA (Taipei time)>

1st stage / September 8th 13:00-
2nd stage / September 8th 17:00-

<U.S.A. AREA (Los Angeles time)>

1st stage / September 7th 22:00-
2nd stage / September 8th 2:00-

[Invitation requirements]

  • non-Japanese person
  • Active Google+ Account
  • English speaker
  • TGU Premium License
  • And 9nine Lover!

[System requirements to join video chat:]

PC or mobile devices with video chat cam and can be always-on connected during the event.


[STEP 1]

Fulfill the application form. (Premium Members Only)

Please let us know how much you love and support 9nine!

*Application Period : August 20th – August 26th August 28th (JST)
NEW! *Second Application Period : September 1st – September 2nd (JST)

[STEP 2 (if you are lucky!)] 

12 people chosen to the special seat will get the e-mail.


That’s all! We are looking forward to your application!

Thank you,

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