9nine started their summer from “Evolution 9nine Summer”Live!

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9nine started their summer from “Evolution 9nine Summer”Live!

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9nine held the live “Evolution 9nine Summer” in Zepp Divercity Tokyo on July 20th.
Over 2000 fans enjoyed, even standing area was fulfilled and going craze for the great performance of 9nine.

As 9nine is called performance girls group, the stage was opened with the dance act. They showed the growth of performance ability to the fans and invited media.
The set list was perfect for showing the stylishness, performance ability, and involving power of 9nine. Their standard number, like “Shining Star””Shojo Traveller” ”9nine O’clock” and more made the audience go so hot. They also acted “Anemonemone” from their latest single “Evolution No.9” as the first time.

In the talk time they chatted about summer vacation. When they talk about “What kind of food do you want to have in summer festival?” As Hirona said “Ika-yaki (baked squid)!”, the audience laughed because Hirona is the youngest member of 9nine and baked squid is the food which old men like much. Members said like “Hirona is the little old man. ”and laughed.


They revealed to have a special event on September 8th, the anniversary of the day of 9nine (September 9th).

The event tile is “F9GBP: Fan 9 Global Broadcasting Party” In the event they will broadcast and interactive chat and live viewing with fans in all over the world.
It will be a great chance to the fans in global to have communicate 9nine member directly!
The detail will comes up in 9nine’s fan club site, mail magazine, and also in Tokyo Girls Update! Please Check.

In this summer, 9nine will act in a lot of summer music festival! 9nine’s summer starts now. Don’t miss!

9nine Live Schedule

July 28 “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2013”@Zepp Tokyo
Aug.04 “ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2013”@Hitachi national sea park
Aug.10 “IDOL NATION 2013”@Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan
Aug.11 “SUMMER SONIC 2013”@QVC marine field & Makuhari Messe
Aug.23 “Mezamashi Live”@Odaiba Gassyukoku
Aug.25 “Jimodol Festa 2013”@SHIBUYA-AX
Aug.28 “UMI-POP ’13”@Science museum of ship

Set list of Evolution 9nine Summer

9nine o’clock
Evolution No. 9
#girls (Second live: Konwaku Confuse)
Cross Over

Ryusei no kuchizuke(Second live: CANDY)


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