Eir Aoi Releases Live Video recorded by total of 40 Sony Music Video Recorders!

Eir Aoi Releases Live Video recorded by total of 40 Sony Music Video Recorders!

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Eir Aoi‘s Music Video of “INNOCENCE“, the OP theme of a popular TV animation series “Sword Art Online” and “Senko Zenya” was recorded by total of 40 Sony Music Video Recorders (MVR) at ”I LOVE ANISONG CONCERT” in AFA Singapore 2013 Live.
The “making of” scene is also sure to surprise, where each MVR is used in unique ways; mounted on a bunch of balloons, staffs’ arms and heads, and length-changeable sticks.

Music Video Recorder (MVR) is a new video camera with a wide angle lens, full HD 720 or 1080 shooting, full color LCD on the side and outstandingly high quality microphones built into the front. The body is very small, but the high quality audio recording feature makes you able to record the real atmosphere and feelings of live performance.

Check out Eir’s powerful performance and the fans’ enthusiasm in high-quality image and sound by MVRs!!

In addition, Eir Aoi will be releasing the new single “Niji no Oto” on January 1, and the long-awaited new album “AUBE” on January 29. Furthermore, she will kick off one-man concert tour on March, 2014. Stay tuned to her future activities!

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