Eir Aoi made her major debut with “MEMORIA” for anime “Fate/Zero” released on October 10th, 2011. On September 2012 she released the second single “AURORA” (OP song for “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 3rd”) and after the 3rd single “INNOCENCE”‘s release (OP song for “Sward Art Online Fairy Dance”), she released the very 1st full album “BLAU” on January 30th 2013. This album has been distributed in more than 20 foreign countries. After that she has started her oversea performance such as “SAKURA-CON” in Seattle, “AnimagiC 2013” in Bonn, Germany, “Anime Festival Asia” in Indonesia and Singapore. Also she attended Japan Expo 2015 in Paris held in July 2015.

We invited such a world famous female singer Eir Aoi to our TV program “Tokyo Girls’ Update TV”. Read about everything that was discussed after the TV cameras were turned off!


– I believe you started doing overseas events early on, but is there anything that’s changed since?

Eir: Ever since I started playing overseas, I began to really appreciate Japanese culture. Since then, I started feeling like there’s less and less of a wall between Japan and the outside world. At first I felt like there was a considerable language and country barrier, but thanks to the Internet it melted away. After actually speaking directly with fans through SNS, I realized that we all enjoy the same things. Then from there, I felt like the wall was coming down more and more.

– We also have more opportunities to interact with J-pop fans when we go to events, but do you ever interact with other artists?

Yes. When we’re all backstage together, we’ll take pictures together.

– Is there any artist you’d like to collaborate with?

Eir: When I was attending private school I was really into Evanescence. Even now I often revisit live performances of theirs. I like music with metal elements in it, and it would be a dream come true to work with them someday.

– This might be a little off-topic, but do you think your own personal experiences have become the foundation of your sound?

Eir: I believe so. I think the music I listened to when I was younger has influenced me in many ways. I definitely feel that way with symphonic metal and rock, and artists I really liked like Linkin Park. I also listened to heavier metal like Slipknot. SUM41, too. I think punk rock and metal has impacted my performance and has had a large influence on me.


– I believe you wrote that you wanted to travel alone somewhere on our questionnaire, so could you tell us more about that?

Eir: I’m still a little nervous about going abroad by myself, so first I thought I’d start by going somewhere in Japan. (laugh) I think it would be really fun to go abroad and go out with friends.

– Is there anything you’ve been enthusiastic or particular about with having a band for your solo concerts?

Eir: Naturally with a band I want to try and make the most of things. Also with the band’s sound, each note really comes to life, so I think the intensity is different. Therefore, when I think of what makes a band’s sound, I think it’s the ability to capture that intensity in a song so it reaches people. So I think I want to keep pushing that kind of sound.

– Is the excitement from the audience is different?

Eir: It is. People have told me the way their hearts beat in anticipation is different. I think you can feel how the beat of the bass drum resembles the beat of your own heart, and I’m glad to be able to deliver that kind of raw sound. We’re getting ready for a 16-show live house tour, and I’m looking forward to it.

– Is there something special about performing closer to the audience?

Eir: Each venue holds a different capacity, but even though the physical distance between the audience and the stage varies, I want our music to make even those at the very back feel close to us. It’s been constantly on my mind, and I’d like to create that kind of atmosphere at the upcoming “D’AZUR-EST” live performance tour.

– I’m sure your latest single “SHOEGAZER” is amazing with HISASHI from GLAY as the composer and lyricist, but did you have any offers or requests regarding it?


Eir: Whether than say this kind of song would be good, HISASHI created a familiar-sounding ballad or melody line with a little bit of rock mixed in the first time we met. It was like, the song came together in no time at all.

– Did you receive any advice or direction during the recording?

Eir: When we were trying to add words to the melody, we would talk things over like wouldn’t this kind of subdivision be better, or wouldn’t it be better to use this phrase, and recorded it like that. Along the way it’d be like “let’s add a harmony here” or “let’s see what would happen if we took this out”, and during the recording it felt like we were shoegazers as we put it together.

– So it like you were trying to make it sound as best as possible during the recording process.

Eir: That’s right. It was like we recorded in a way where we kept the freshness of it in tact.

– Was that a first for you?

Eir: I’d done things like change the lyrics on the spot when I was making my previous album, but getting feedback from HISASHI during the production process was really exciting, and I learned a lot while recording it.

– You went to Hawaii in March for kawaii con, didn’t you. (* The interviewer is from Hawaii.)

Eir: I did! It was great! Hawaii’s power was amazing. Everyone told me that the land there is full of it. The scenery and the food were amazing. Most of the people there were laid back about everything, and were so nice and easygoing, and although there were also a few shy people there, everyone was really kind and great. All of the staff said they liked it.

– Would you like to try doing a solo concert or a group concert overseas?

Eir: I’ve been to the U.S. a number of times, but I still haven’t done a solo show there yet. So if it’s possible, I’d like to do one there. I’ve been to Indonesia as part of a band before, though. It’s a dream of mine to travel around to many different countries as part of a band.


– If you were to release a rock or metal cover album, you might gain even more popularity overseas!

Eir: I think some of the songs I’ve written are metal enough to head bang to, so I’d like for people to hear them. I have quite a few that I think are real neck breakers. (laugh)

– Finally, please leave a message for your overseas fans.


Eir: I’m really happy to have the opportunity to visit so many countries this year but I think I still have much further to go, and from now on I’d like to reach even more people with my music, and hope that you all will continue to support me. I hope our band’s raw sound is able to reach you.

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Translated by Jamie Koide

Kai Okudara

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