Eir Aoi made her major debut with “MEMORIA” for anime “Fate/Zero” released on October 10th, 2011. On September 2012 she released the second single “AURORA” (OP song for “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 3rd”) and after the 3rd single “INNOCENCE”‘s release (OP song for “Sward Art Online Fairy Dance”), she released the very 1st full album “BLAU” on January 30th 2013. This album has been distributed in more than 20 foreign countries. After that she has started her oversea performance such as “SAKURA-CON” in Seattle, “AnimagiC 2013” in Bonn, Germany, “Anime Festival Asia” in Indonesia and Singapore. Also she attended Japan Expo 2015 in Paris held in July 2015.

We invited such a world famous female singer Eir Aoi to our TV program “Tokyo Girls’ Update TV”. Read about everything that was discussed after the TV cameras were turned off!


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Kai Okudara
Kai Okudara

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