DIANNA☆SWEET Promises Fans “We’re Aiming for Budokan!” During Their 3rd Solo Concert!

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DIANNA☆SWEET Promises Fans “We’re Aiming for Budokan!” During Their 3rd Solo Concert!

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On September 5th (Sat.), DIANNA☆SWEET held their third solo concert ~Croissance~ at Shibuya WWW.

At their previous solo concert ~Renatus~ it was revealed that Momoka Okamoto had joined and that the group would also be welcoming @JAM General Producer Keiichi Hashimoto as their concert producer. Much like the concert’s name sake, Renatus, meaning to be born again, the curtain rose for a new incarnation of DIANNA☆SWEET.

Five months later, the group had the experience of participating in various events at TIF2015, and to show how far they’d come, held their most recent concert Croissance, meaning growth.

To start off with they performed “FIRE GIRL” off of their first single, and their performance of “SPIDER LOVE” really showed off their newfound maturity and member appeal. “BE CRAZY” also showed us how much they had grown compared to before, and it felt as if the love song had blown-up into something life-sized.

It was the first time they had performed “LUCIFER” in a long time, and both Julia Moe and Azumi Suzuki brought a certain appeal that seemed more grown-up than junior high school, and with Momoka Okamoto who works as a model with them, you wouldn’t have thought they were merely high school students. It really felt like DIANNA☆SWEET had become a group armed with their own weapon of sexiness.

When they sang “DEEP SNOW”, Fuka Nagayama and Mana Wakaba both took the stage and brought us a performance like I could have never imagined from two girls so petite, and it there was no doubt that they had grown-up. Numbers like “DEEP SNOW”, “Please Stop Loveing You”, “Hug you Hug me”, and “Fight!” filled out their repertoire, and after their jam-packed set list, they had the energy to continue on with their usual cover song corner.

Their sister groups DIANNA A and PREDIANNA covered the songs “The twin tail!” and “Let me alone” respectively, while DIANNA M sang a cover of Apink’s “NoNoNo”, and then Fuka Nagayama, Julia Moe, Azumi Suzuki, and Momoka Okamoto performed a special, first-time surprise by covering “Kizuitara Kataomoi” by Nogizaka 46, with Mana Wakaba covering the old-school anime song “Majoukko Meg” at the end. It was unbelievable how fired up the audience got over the cover song set list.

They performed a number of typical idol song, cute numbers like “Cherie!”, “Hatsukoi Revolution”, “Kimi wa Dare Oshi?! Hakujou shi China!!” followed by cooler songs that have come to symbolize the group like “ICE CREAM MAGIC” and “SPIDER LOVE”. DIANNA☆SWEET showed us charm point after charm point throughout their solo concert, getting closer to perfection little by little, with Croissance or growth that everyone could see.

During their MC, each of the members read a letter they had written to their fans. Fuka Nagayama wrote and recited tearfully, “It’s taken longer than expected for DIANNA☆SWEET to walk our path, but as leader I am responsible. Also as leader, I want more people to get to know DIANNA☆SWEET.” Many fans also shed a few tears, and they showered her with applause to honor her efforts and sense of responsibility. Then Azumi Suzuki revealed that they had big plans for “the five of us to someday stand on the stage at Budokan”, and the venue broke out in warm applause as if to give them a boost.

The members, full of gratitude toward their fans, began singing “Always”. They sang each line of the lyrics clearly and precisely, and again tears were in the eyes of the fans gathered there as they watched the girls sing their hearts out, with the audience singing out “atatakai sono manazashi” (“how warm your gaze is”) to the five members in response.

For their encore they did “GO AHEAD” and “Koi wa Fusion!” and then it was time for the curtains to fall. The concert reached such a high level of success that during the after sales following the concert, they completely sold out of tickets to the group’s special event, really going to show just how fired up the seemed to be.

With DIANNA☆SWEET welcoming a new sense of maturity as part of their growth, we’re looking forward to their next appearance.


Photo by Yosuke Mochizuki
Translated by Jamie K

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