TokyoGirls'Update Feel the Anxiety of First Love in The MV for Their Collaboration Song With Hello Kitty!

| Idol | Posted Feel the Anxiety of First Love in The MV for Their Collaboration Song With Hello Kitty!

Sponsored Links has finally uncapped the MV for their collaboration song with Hello Kitty “MUnasawagi no HImitsu”! It is the coupling song for Dempagumi’s upcoming single “Otsukare Summer!” (release date: June 17) and the commercial song for Pocket Muhi insect bite medicine, one of the necessary products for surviving a hot and sticky summer! Details about the collaboration announcement here.

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In the video, searches for just the right ribbon to wear after being told by Hello Kitty that it is something that a young girl in love must have! The song compares the prickly, uneasy feelings of a bug bite to those of a first love so, the members shows off a rarely seen girlish side to themselves.

The name of the special collaboration unit is “PokeMuhi Motta to, Hello Kitty” ( that has Pocket Muhi & Hello Kitty) and there will be a special concert will be held on August 20th (“Ka no Hi”, “World Mosquito Day” in honor of Sir Ronald Ross who discovered that malaria was transmitted by mosquitoes). 300 lucky winners selected by a random drawing will win the chance to attend the special concert where and Hello Kitty will perform “MUnasawagi no HImitsu”! Of those 300, 20 extra-lucky winners will be given backstage passes where they can meet and Hello Kitty! Unfortunately, it seems that there is no option for those without a Japanese address and phone number to apply but, there must be a few of you out there that can figure out how to apply, right?

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