Achievement Unlocked! DEEP GIRL Live to Rock Another Day!

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Achievement Unlocked! DEEP GIRL Live to Rock Another Day!

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Despite setting a lofty goal of attaining a top 10 weekly ranking on the Oricon charts with their debut single “Deep Girl” (release date: July 8) and later adding the condition that they must sell at least 10,000 copies by July 12th in order to not disband, rock idol group DEEP GIRL rose to the challenge by selling 11,150 CDs! The Oricon weekly rankings have yet to be updated with the numbers from last week but, it was announced on DEEP GIRL’s official website that the group would be allowed to remain active based on their impressive accomplishment.

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DEEP GIRL sold 4,420 CDs through pre-orders and reservation events and 6,730 CDs through in-store events. With the amount of events that the group was holding, the members definitely earned the right to celebrate. DEEP GIRL even managed to rank #1 in the Tower Records sales charts for the week that the single was released, topping several more well-known artists!


With each copy of the single including a star-ticket which can be exchanged for interaction with the members of DEEP GIRL (as listed below), these kinds of sales tactics are open to criticism but, to some extent this is how music is sold in Japan by many artists. On the other hand, as mentioned in a previous article about release events, the experience of meeting and talking to the artists/idols adds value which can outweigh the price of the CD. Regardless, congratulations to DEEP GIRL on surpassing their goal and good luck to them in the future!

1 star-ticket – Ticket to Hand-shake event
5 star-tickets – Two-shot at the Hand-shaking event
10 star-tickets – Video message for you
30 star-tickets – Karaoke with the members
50 star-tickets – Letter just for you
75 star-tickets – A week of wake-up calls
100 star-tickets – Private photoshoot for you! With home-made cookies
150 star-tickets – 1-hour phone call from your favorite member
300 star-tickets – Lunch together with your favorite member (with ear-cleaning)
500 star-tickets – Dinner together with favorite member (with ear-cleaning and taking purikura)
1000 star-tickets – Date with your favorite member (on a day of fireworks when it’s possible to confirm)
2000 star-tickets – Onsen trip together (warning: not co-ed bathing)

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Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL

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