DEEP GIRL Want All the Stars in the Night Sky and Tokyo Tower too!

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DEEP GIRL Want All the Stars in the Night Sky and Tokyo Tower too!

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DEEP GIRL have released a jam-packed 20-second preview of their first (and possibly last) single “Deep Girl” (release date: July 8)! It might be the last and only single that the rock idol group from the Fuji TV late-night show of the same name releases if they do not achieve a top 10 weekly ranking on the Oricon charts.

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Added to the footage of the 7 members dancing around while wearing rock fashion from the trailer are scenes of them wearing white men’s dress shirts while lounging around on leather couches! One of the lines, “Is it okay to receive Tokyo Tower?”, refers to a 10,000 yen item that viewers of DeNA Showroom web shows can purchase and gift to the hosts of the various programs.

The covers for the 7 different member versions have also been revealed!

Each copy of the single includes a star-ticket which can be exchanged for some deeper interaction with the members of DEEP GIRL. The more tickets you have, the deeper the intimacy! Check out the list of special offers available!

1 star-ticket – Ticket to Hand-shake event
5 star-tickets – Two-shot at the Hand-shaking event
10 star-tickets – Video message for you
30 star-tickets – Karaoke with the members
50 star-tickets – Letter just for you
75 star-tickets – A week of wake-up calls
100 star-tickets – Private photoshoot for you! With home-made cookies
150 star-tickets – 1-hour phone call from your favorite member
300 star-tickets – Lunch together with your favorite member (with ear-cleaning)
500 star-tickets – Dinner together with favorite member (with ear-cleaning and taking purikura)
1000 star-tickets – Date with your favorite member (on a day of fireworks when it’s possible to confirm)
2000 star-tickets – Onsen trip together (warning: not co-ed bathing)

While it is not unusual for idol groups in Japan to lay down these kinds of challenges, DEEP GIRL is really shooting for the moon with their debut single! Making it into the top 10 of the Oricon charts for 1 day is difficult enough but, to expect to have strong sales for an entire week might be too optimistic for a group’s first single. However, if it is one thing that Japanese idols do well, it is going out to meet the people and selling CDs one handshake, one cheki, or even one onsen trip at a time!

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Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL
Deep Girl / DEEP GIRL

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