Death Rabbits Summon Awa Odori Dancers in Festive MV for “Usagi Stream 2”!

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Death Rabbits Summon Awa Odori Dancers in Festive MV for “Usagi Stream 2”!

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Death Rabbits are bouncing into the upcoming summer festival season early with their MV for “Usagi Stream 2” from their second album “Dai-Ni Usagi Taisen” (release date: June 1)!

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Set in what looks to be the same location that Ciao Bella Cinquetti used for “Ichigo Ichie”, Bucho summons several Awa Odori dancers, whose hand movements match perfectly with the “bunny ear” dance by Emi, Karin, and Yuzu (or is it the other way around?). No strangers to mixing metal and traditional Japanese music, it’s just a matter of time before their fans start doing awa odori at a live along with them.

Here are some screencaps!

“Dai-Ni Usagi Taisen” also includes songs from their previous singles “Nande?” and “Usagi no Kimochi/Chuu-ni no Natsu. Ojisan no Natsu.” as well as some new songs. Death Rabbits will be holding a 2-day live at Shinjuku ReNY titled “Death Rabbits One-Man Live・Emi・Yuzu・Karin VS Bucho〜Dai-sankai-Sen” on June 4th and 5th. While the information notes that the price of a ticket includes an Umai-bo, perhaps there will be some Bucho Black Ramen (the noodles and soup are black!) too?

Track List

01 Oshare Kyapa Bucho to Igami
02 Nande?
03 Usagi no Kimochi
04 Kaijuu ANPONTAN
05 Honyara Company
06 By your side
07 Akirazu Boot Camp
08 Usagi Stream 2
09 Nihon Tamago Kyoukai Koushiki Song
10 Chuu-ni no Natsu. Ojisan no Natsu.
11 Honto ni Sekaichuu ni Arigato
12 Uchuu

Buy Item

Dai Niji Usagi Taisen / Death Rabbits
Death Rabbits 2nd Oneman Live Emi Yuzu Karin vs Bucho Dai Nikaisen @ Shibuta WOMB / Death Rabbits

Death Rabbits One-Man Live・Emi・Yuzu・Karin VS Bucho〜Dai-sankai-Sen
June 4, 2016 (Saturday) – Usagi no Gyakushuu
June 5, 2015 (Sunday) – Bucho no Wana
Shinjuku ReNY, Nishi-Shinjuku 6-5-1, I-Land Hall 2F, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Open: 1:30pm Start: 2:30pm (both days)
General: 3,500 yen (+ 1 drink minimum, Umai-bo included)
Female/Student: 3,000 yen (+ 1 drink minimum, Umai-bo included)

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