Idol Battle Royale! Gyu-No Fes Returns to Shin-Kiba 1st Ring!

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Idol Battle Royale! Gyu-No Fes Returns to Shin-Kiba 1st Ring!

Photo by Kenichi Inagaki

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Despite growing nationalism in Japan escalating tensions across Asia, on February 11, 2016, also known as National Foundation Day, idol fans assembled at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring to witness a double header of intense and refreshing idol performances. Titled “Gyu-No Fes Road to Tochigi! 〜Geki-on Kokeraotoshi 4-Man Gyu-No Kiki-Ippatsu〜” and “Gyu-No Fes Road to Tochigi!! 〜Geki-on Kick-Off Gyu-No Ikari no Tekken〜”, they were the latest in a series of idol events organized by entertainer, farmer, idol event promoter, and all around wild and crazy guy Gyuzo to promote his home prefecture of Tochigi. Appearing in the wrestling ring on that chilly winter’s day were: lyrical school, Guso drop, Zekkyo Suru 60-do, Oyasumi Hologram, Black DPG, Kakumei Idol Bousou-chan (Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker), Koi Suru BEAT, Stereo Tokyo, POP, Jyu Jyu, Death Rabbits, Tochiotome 25, and BELLRING Shojo Heart.

Disclaimer: With 13 groups performing that day, we did as best as we could to report on each group. However, if you feel that we may have overlooked something, please let us know. Not all set lists for each group were available. We will try to do better next time.

Gyu-No Fes Road to Tochigi! 〜Geki-on Kokeraotoshi 4-Man Gyu-No Kiki-Ippatsu〜

lyrical school

lyrical school got things bumping with a power packed 6-song set of their classics that took full advantage of not just the ring but also the main stage as mei and yumi jogged around the ring and on the catwalk. Keeping it mostly old school with tengal6 tracks “Put Your Hands Up!”, “photograph”, and “tengal6”, no lyrical school live would be complete without “FRESH!!!”.

Added to the event right after it was announced that they would be making their major label debut on King Records in the spring, lyrical school were rock solid and added some refreshing variety to a lineup that was dominated by groups with heavy metal and punk influences.

01 Put Your Hands Up!
02 FRESH!!!
03 Maybe Love
04 tengal6
05 S.T.A.G.E
06 photograph

Black DPG


With a concept for being a “heel” (villain role in pro wrestling) idol group, Black DPG was right at home in the wrestling ring, making their entrance in dramatic fashion, brandishing weapons and jumping up onto the ropes at the corners of the ring as symphonic heavy metal blasted out over the speakers. Gyuzo came into the ring but was promptly knocked from his feet by Miyako Matsumoto.

Smashing their way through a frantic and unpredictable 4 song set, they climbed the ropes and even fought each other several times. The Great Marina was thrown to the mat by Black Moon, Metropoli Chan V hit those standing near the ring with a tail attached to her costume, and Ayachi Zabi climbed to the top rope and jumped down repeatedly as the audience responded by slapping the mat loudly to show their appreciation for the madness inside the ring.

01 Bonkyu Bon
02 Dadadadadan
03 Yokoshima 88
04 Zekku Tokyo

Guso Drop

After a considerable break to set up the stage with umbrellas and what looked like a giant Tenga, hardcore “soft-prick” idol group Guso Drop whipped the audience into a pit of controlled chaos. Yura climbed the ropes and flipped off the mosh pit and Saki unleashed the first of many blood-curdling death screams as a wall of otaku rose up to cheer her on.

Despite all the mayhem unfolding around the ring, which included Yura whacking fans on the head with a squeaky hammer, Rei swinging a chain overhead, and Anna hitting a gong to end “Toge Onna” things cooled down as the members waved their feathered fans for “Hirari, Hirahira” and took out their glowing umbrellas for “slow rain@Tokyo”. Going for the big finish, the mosh pit cranked back up, eventually swelling to where the fans were running around the entire ring during “Do-Inaka PUNK Modoki Onna”. Dripping with sweat, the audience pounded the mat vigorously in appreciation for Guso Drop’s unforgettable performance.

01 Level6
02 Kuma-san
03 Toge Onna
04 Hirari, Hirahira
05 slow rain@Tokyo
06 Level
07 Do-Inaka PUNK Modoki Onna

Zekkyo Suru 60-do


Even though both Kai and Montero were both battling colds and in the middle of their tour with 6% Is Mine, having just been in Osaka the previous evening, the masked duo known as Zekkyo 60-do rocked Shin-Kiba 1st Ring with the ferocity of the Antarctic winds from which they take their name. Kai and Montero entered the ring to a punk revamping of “Requiem” from the Ghibli anime Nausicaä, the audience slapped the edge of the mat furiously and rocked back forth as they banged their heads. The mosh pit swelled and the fans began sprinting around the ring, momentarily cooling down the hot moist air. Kai maintained a vantage point standing on the ropes in one of the corners as she sang, several fans being lifted in attempts to get her attention. She and Montero apologized for being under the weather but received loud cheers when they said that they had to be there because they love performing and always give their best effort.

Launching into “3-nen Days”, Montero shouted to the audience to get more excited as they were already clapping and bouncing while shouting out her and Kai’s name to the the buzzing of power chords. Finishing up with the heavy electronicore “ONLY PLACE WE CAN CRY”, fans began crowdsurfing, and the air grew thick as bodies crashed into each other. After Kai and Montero left the ring, a musty haze remained, causing Gyuzo to jokingly exclaim, “The venue smells bad now! Otaku stink!”

01 Nausicaä Requiem
02 (song unknown*)
03 Utsusemi no Hana
04 Gyakushuu to iu Na no Senritsu
05 Dai-senji Bocchi Sensou
06 3-nen Days

Oyasumi Hologram

…To Apply

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