Color Pointe Dance Up a Storm in the MV for “Rainy Princess”!

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Color Pointe Dance Up a Storm in the MV for “Rainy Princess”!

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Futuristic ballet entertainment group Color Pointe have revealed the MV for “Rainy Princess” from their new album “PAINT NIGHTMARE” (release date: September 14)!

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The MV, which was directed by Shingo Tanaka, features the members of Color Pointe dressed in ivory-colored outfits that look like they just stepped out of a masquerade ball. Carrying the theme of “Rainy Princess”, there are also several scenes of them in a bathtub with droplets of water glistening on their skin. The lyrics are by Hink, the leader of the group, and music is by Endo. (GEEKS). In the trailer below, there are previews of all 6 songs on the album.

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“PAINT NIGHTMARE” is Color Pointe’s first release to be available throughout Japan and is also available on iTunes.

Track List
01 Rainy princess 
02 Cosmo・Star Factory.Inc 
03 Nijifude-kun no Uta 
04 〜Platinum stella〜 
05 Seiren’s dinner
06 Paint-Nightmare

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Paint Nightmare / Color Pointe


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