TGU Giveaway : New Type of Coconuts Sable! 5 Versions!

TGU Giveaway : New Type of Coconuts Sable! 5 Versions!

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One of the Japanese classic sweets products, Coconuts Sable has been a best seller with packaging that hadn’t changed for 50 years, but a year and a half ago, suddenly decided to try a new image change, and in the same vein came the story of how idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku decided to challenge doing something different than your average idol fare, rock band 5572320.

Astonishingly Skilled Girls’ Band 5572320 Reveal MV for “Hanseiki Yuutousei” But Not Their Identity

After a year and a half passed after renewing its package, now it comes in sealed packages that you can take anywhere and share with friend. TGU is giving away a set of 5 different new edition packs of Coconuts Sable to 5 lucky readers!


1. Regular Coconuts Sable


2. Maple Sable


3. Butter Sable


4. Sesami Sable


5. Triple Nuts Sable (coconuts, almond, and hazel nuts)

You might wonder how Coconuts Sable taste like. Here is the report from last year.

5572320 has also split into 4 separate duo and released 4 songs at once. See more details here. One side is sugar coated but not too sweet. As for the coconut part, there’s not much of it. There’s a light coconut smell and flavor to them!

Get new Coconuts Sable series and share them with your friends!


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