5572320 Break Apart into Units to Release 4 Songs at Once!

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5572320 Break Apart into Units to Release 4 Songs at Once!

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“Mysterious girls band” 5572320 (go go nana ni san ni rei) have re-emerged with 4 new songs which were all released to the world on October 26, 2016! This time, the 8-member group has split into 4 separate duos and are collaborating with an impressive list of producers and artists!


Here is the video which introduces the 4 different songs and showing which of the members are featured on each song. Since they all have the same hairstyles, do you know who is performing on what song?

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Even though 5572320 seems to have gone without producing MVs for each of the songs, they have also released “lyric videos” instead.

“Shikeranai” (SUPER CRISP) is a collaboration featuring dancehall artist RYO THE SKYWALKER with Mirei Hoshina and Ayaka Yasumoto for all the Party People!

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“Kobara ni Dendeke” (HUNGRY GIRLS) is a collaboration with breakbeat duo HIFANA and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame surf rock band The Ventures. Despite the 68-year age gap between the groups, musically the generation gap has been easily crossed. Vocals are by Rina Matsuno and Riko Nakayama.

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“Galapagos Biscuit” is a collaboration with tabla instrumentalist U-zhaan fueled by rapid-fire Indian percussion and haunting vocals by Aika Hirota and Kaho Kobayashi.

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“The Colorful World” is a collaboration with track maker banvox and is the only song with English lyrics. It’s textbook mainstream EDM with a thick layer of Engrish on top provided by Rika Mayama and Hinata Kashiwagi.

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5572320 is a special group formed by the members of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku that was formed in 2015 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Coconut Sable, a popular Japanese biscuit. The units are representing how Coconuts Sable comes in sealed packages that you can take anywhere and share with friends.


It seems as if all 4 songs are digital only releases so make sure to check if they are available in your locale.

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