The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY Reborn Again and Again in the MV for “Easter Bunny”
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The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY reveals the MV for “Easter Bunny” featuring Easter, the coupling song for their new single “Pelo” (release date : April 15).

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With a happy and pop tune, they deliver the strong message “We will reborn again and again” which reminds us of their resolution for reforming the group to a new thing.

The music for “Easter Bunny” was composed by Takashi Asano with lyrics by Natsumi Tadano and as always, the choreography is by Mikitty Honmono. Costume was by Kanae Higashi (Rurumu).

“Easter Bunny” will be released in a CD/DVD limited edition and a regular version. The CD/DVD version includes Pelo’s MV and documentary videos from their Tou-Mei-Han (Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka) tour in February and March 2017.

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