Chubbiness’ First One-Man Live Report & Their Road to the One-man Live at Harajuku Belle Epoque

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Chubbiness’ First One-Man Live Report & Their Road to the One-man Live at Harajuku Belle Epoque

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Japan’s most cheerful marshmallow-soft idol group Chubbiness held their very first one-man live on November 26th in Harajuku Astrohall, long-awaited first one-man concert for the group who blew their 2nd candle on November 29th. It seemed like a success as according to leader Shima Rika’s Twitter post the day after, more than 300 people showed up to enjoy the show.


They started off by performing three of their own songs, appearing on stage with their brand new white and silver costumes. First with the ninja-themed “Ittareiya!”, followed by “Gomen ne… watashi kekkou moterunda wa”’s cool sound, and then by the very cute “Puruntto Heart”, after what each of the members introduced themselves in their usual way, some of them trying out brand new catchphrases for the occasion.

But the heart of the show was a special segment they put up just for this concert. Lime green member Ikeyama Chiaki introduced and then hosted what they called “Tokyo Chubbiness Show”, where all the members were able to perform special acts to show off their skills and characteristics!

Leader Shima Rika and Takao Sonoko started off by covering “Go!Go! Maniac”, from the famous anime K-On! They put up their best smiles and cutest seifuku, and showed off their high-pitched anime-like voices, while doing air guitar.
Asakawa Misaki, Nakazaki Erina and Horikawa Ami then appeared to perform a song they all wrote together! While Horikawa Ami, being one of the group’s lead singers, was in charge of the vocals, Asakawa Misaki played the piano and Nakazaki Erina added the guitar touch, to offer the audience a romantic ballad called “Fuyuzora”, not only showcasing the girls’ musical talent but also their creativity.

The atmosphere then changed as the group’s token dancers, Yaegashi Kotomi, Kawai Akina and Horikawa Ami, gave to the audience a slick and sexy dance performance, on a special remix of their song “Gomen ne… watashi kekkou moterunda wa…”. This choreography was featured in the August 19th episode of FujiTV’s “Sukatto! Japan”, in a skit called “Pocchari Dancer”, in which all three girls got to appear!

Action girl and dark blue member Saihara Marino showed off her cool image by performing a special martial arts and sword fighting corner on the “Ittareiya!” instrumental, wearing a chinese-style dress. She precised later on during a MC that she indeed did four years of staged word fighting, along with other various martial arts.

This was a perfect transition as dark green member Morimoto Eri, one of the lead singers, appeared last on stage wearing a kimono. She performed enka song “Yozakura Oshichi”, originally sung by Sakamoto Fuyumi. “I had never heard of this song before I have been suggested to perform it for this live, but I love it!” Morimoto admitted later on during a MC.
Ikeyama Chiaki hosted and introduced all performances on stage by herself, but sang and danced to Dream5 “Yokai Taisou Dai-ichi” (theme song of popular children anime Yokai Watch) along with other members.

Another perfect transition and end to the Tokyo Chubbiness Show, as surprise guests showed up then: Dream5 members Takano Akira, Ohara Yuno and Tamakawa Momona came and performed one of their own songs, “Shekimeki”, all together in a energetic collaboration! Dream5 and Chubbiness met earlier in the year at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015, where Chubbiness publicly expressed their excitement in watching Dream5’s live performance.

The group then performed three more of their own songs, starting with towel-waving “DRY YOUR TOWEL ~kawakase taoru~”, followed by the joyful “Motto, HOTTO ga motto!”. They ended the main show with their debut single and most iconic song “Manmadeiya!”.

But it was not over, and after the fans called for an encore, a white screen was rolled down to show the audience a nostalgic video digest of footage from Chubbiness’ auditions and music video filming. The girls then appeared on stage again wearing their color skirts and the special tee-shirt they designed for this one-man live. They performed Puruntto Heart and Motto, HOTTO ga motto! again, before telling stories and giving details about their Tokyo Chubbiness Show segments in a final MC. Every one of the girls then thanked the audience, in a emotional yet happy moment for both sides of the hall. The concert ended with the very first live performance of their only ballad and story-telling song, “Yume, ekakubasho”.

November 26th was also the release day for Chubbiness’ 1st mini-album, sold as music cards, and the audience was able to take pictures with the members after the show ended. The group greeted all their fans, friends and family in a final high-five session, ending the night on a cheerful note.

00. Overture
01. Ittareiya!
02. Gomen ne… watashi kekkou moterunda wa…
03. Puruntto Heart

Introduction MC

MC: Ikeyama Chiaki

04. GO! GO! MANIAC (Houkago Teatime from K-On) (Shima Rika/Takao Sonoko)
05. Fuyuzora (original song by Horikawa Ami (chant) / Asakawa Misaki (piano) / Nakazaki Erina (guitar))
06. Dantora (from FujiTV’s Sukatto Japan “Pocchari Dancer” skit – performed by Horikawa Ami, Yaegashi Kotomi, Kawai Akina)
07. Saihara Tate (martial arts and staged sword fighting corner)
08. Yozakura Oshichi (originally sung by Sakamoto Fuyumi) (Morimoto Eri)
09. Yokai Taisou Dai-ichi (sung by Ikeyama Chiaki and Shima Rika / Asakawa Misaki, Saihara Marino, Takao Sonoko, Nakazaki Erina backdancers)
10. Shekimeki (cover/collaboration with Dream5 Takano Akira, Ohara Yuno, Tamakawa Momona)11. DRY YOUR TOWEL ~kawakase taoru~
12. Motto, HOTTO ga motto!
13. Manmadeiya!


E01. Puruntto Heart
E02. Motto, HOTTO ga motto!
E03. Yume, ekakubasho

— END —

Photos by Nathan Gey

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