Chubbiness’ First One-Man Live Report & Their Road to the One-man Live at Harajuku Belle Epoque

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Chubbiness’ First One-Man Live Report & Their Road to the One-man Live at Harajuku Belle Epoque

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On the Road to First One-man live! Chubbiness Takes a New Step!

Chubbiness is taking a big step in their idol careers very soon, and they made sure to tell the world! It was announced on August 22, 2015 that they held their first one-man live (solo concert) at Harajuku Astrohall on November 26th!

Because Chubbiness had only 3 original songs at the time of that announcement, the members have been working really hard to provide a series of new songs which were revealed during Live PLUS on November 22nd at Harajuku Belle Epoque.

After their catchy debut single “Manmadeiya!”, the energetic “Motto! HOTTO ga motto!” and the cool “Gomen ne… watashi, kekkou moterunda wa…”, a total of three additional new songs have been revealed to their fans in order to get ready for the long-awaited day. The 4th original song, “DRY YOUR TOWEL ~kawakase taoru~”, was performed for the first time on October 31st at Tokyo Ramen Show. As expected, it is all about waving your towel up in the air and has a very summery feeling to it. This one will put a smile on your face and make you sweat from all the jumping!

The 5th song, “Purun♫tto Heart♡”, was performed at Harajuku Belle Epoque on November 7th. Chubbiness shows their cute and happy idol side in a performance that will make your heart skip a beat!


The 6th new song “Ittareiya!”, is a traditional Japanese “ninja-themed” (according to member Kawai Akina) dark yet upbeat dance song. Chubbiness show off their coolness while flaunting their dance skills with precise formations.

Chubbiness never ceases to surprise their audience by performing a wide range of songs and challenging their own skills every time, proving that good things come in all sizes.

Their first one-man live is full of promises, in particular the promise of special new goods which will only be available at this historic live but also surprises during the performance as well as new costumes and stage decorations!


One thing is sure: everyone will have a very good time! Chubbiness… Be happy!

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Photos by Nathan Gey

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