I Want to Know the Meaning of My Life : Chu-Z Condenses the Feelings in the MV “Tell me why”

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I Want to Know the Meaning of My Life : Chu-Z Condenses the Feelings in the MV “Tell me why”

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Chu-Z has unveiled the MV for their 3rd major single ‘Tell me why Umarete Kita Imi Wo Shiritai‘ (release date July 1st). As usual, the choreography for this new piece was handled by expert YOHEY, but the sound produce & lyrics is by Tsunku♂, costume design is by Hinan-chu from Silent Siren, the CD jacket is by Digital Hollywood University professor’s Fukuoka Toshihiro, and for the MV a gravure model Chiaki Kyan is participating.

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This new song really condenses the feelings of the groups. As ASUKA sincerely stated at a press event the other day, “Looking at the lyrics, we really got the sense that Tsunku♂ wrote them just for us.”
The subtitle, “Umarete Kita Imi Wo Shiritai (I want to know the meaning of my life)” is certainly applicable to the conflict in the hearts of these idols who continue to reach for new heights after their 20s. MAIA says meaningfully, “We want to consider this new song a chance. We will give it our all and absolutely not disappoint the staff and fans who have supported us.” Apparently producer YOHEY made one request of Tsunku♂- that he create a song with a long interlude. Combined with a steamy dance scene, this collaboration is certainly a strong one.

This new Chu-Z song is more danceable than ever, and it will move both your body and your heart. Please check it out!

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Tell me why Umaretekita Imi wo Shiritai / Chu-Z
Tell me why Umaretekita Imi wo Shiritai

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