Cheeky Parade’s First Concert in France! Live Report of the Energetic Performance at Moshi Moshi Nippon 2015 in Paris

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Cheeky Parade’s First Concert in France!  Live Report of the Energetic Performance at Moshi Moshi Nippon 2015 in Paris

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On October 3rd and 4th, Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival 2015 in Paris was held at Le TRIANON, and Cheeky Parade performed live concert during the event.


The demand of Cheeky Parade’s live concert in France has been made strongly during fans in France. Creating the community “Cheeky Parade France”, they have done many projects t0 give Cheeky Parade a chance to have performance in France. A petition, videos, many messages of encouragement, the passion of the French fans have been strong. Finally their dream came true  ;  the participation of Cheeky Parade in the Moshi Moshi Festival 2015 in Paris just three weeks before the event.

At the opening of the concert hall, the fans are positioned in front of the stage to be close to the group and communicate with them their enthusiasm. Cheeky parade begins the opening of this event, and before the start of the concert, the first chikipa mix were heard in the hall. The audience also shouted  “THIS IS CHEEKY PARADE !! THIS IS CHEEKY PARADE !!” and the concert begun with the new introduction since their tour “Cheeky Boot Camp.”


Then it’s the arrival of the first song “CPU”, the fans showed their passion to the group with the call and response, making the atmosphere in the hall of Trianon very hot. Next, it came “Check it out”, the song marked the 3rd place of the JTOP on the french television channel “Nolife”. The most popular song for the moment and it was exciting to find the song in their setlist. The live continued without any downtime, the performance of “Cheeky Fighter” was really energetic. During the next song “Together”, the audience repeated the famous call and response. After performance of “Mugendai shoujo ∀”, the leader Sekine Yuuna took the speech “Thank you for welcoming us in France.We want to come back here many times! Thank you very much for your support. Hope to see you very soon again!”.

Turning off the lights, the floodlights changed into the color of French flag ; Blue, white, and red. On the screen there appeared the fan community logo in France, and their latest single M.O.N.ST@R played. It was an incredible moment for these fans, probably the best “thanks” of the group to his French audience. Some of the members eyes were filled with tears and so do some fans. Thus 30 minutes memorable concert ended.


The performance of Cheeky Parade in Paris for Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival made the festival a true sharing with their fans in France. Unique moments, touching, some people expect the group in France for 3 years. Even if the concert was short, the dream became reality and will remain a moment that had marked the public but also members of the group as well.

-Check it out
-Cheeky Fighter
-Mugendai Shoujo ∀

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