Last Stand For the GREATEST NINE9′! Cheeky Parade Appears at JAPAN EXPO 2016 in Paris!

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Last Stand For the GREATEST NINE9′! Cheeky Parade Appears at JAPAN EXPO 2016 in Paris!

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On July 7-10,  Cheeky Parade performed at “JAPAN EXPO 2016 in Paris” held in France. After watching Cheeky Parade’s enthusiastic stage last year at “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in PARIS”, they recieved a strong offer to perform at JAPAN EXPO 2016. While they have announced a new order of 7 members with Marin Yamamoto and Mariya Suzuki scheduled going to Los Angeles for 2 years, they specially conducted the live at France with the original 9 members.

Cheeky parade1cheeky parade 2

Performing at the main “KARASU Stage” two times during JAPAN EXPO, Rino Shimazaki who loves France greeted the audience in French saying, “Bounjour! Ca fait longtemps!(Hello! Long time no see!). The audience gave a warm applause and cheers when the new leader Yuriya Suzuki mentioned, “Thank you for coming to see us today! We’re really happy to come back to France!”. 

cheeky parade3

On the first day, they performed a total of 9 songs focusing on bright and poppy main songs such as”BUNBUN NINE9’”, “Together”, and “Cheeky dreamer”, and on the final day (Jul. 10), 4000 fans gathered and enjoyed the representative songs such as “SINFONIA” and “C.P.U!?”.

Also, Cheeky Parade’s signature pieces such as “Chekera” and “Mugendai Shoujo∀” were broadcasted in France’s cable TV “NOLIFE”, which aims to introduce the J-POP culture in France. 


In the MC, Yuriya Suzuki stated, “It’s our last live with original members for a while, because these two members will go to LA to study abroad”, and Marin Yamamoto and Mariya Suzuki raised their hands and mentioned, “We are leaving Cheeky Parade for schooling in LA for 2 years. We promise to brush up our performance and will definitely come back! So please wait for us!”.

The later part of the live continued to have a strong energy with members performing uptempo and catchy songs such as “Colorful Starlight” and “Cheeky Fighter”. When members asked “cava? (How is it?)”, the audience gave out a large cheer!

As the live came towards the end, they performed songs such as “Together” and “WE ARE THE GREATEST NINE9′” where Mariya Suzuki came to the center. Mariya and Marin jumped off the stage and went near the fans to give them high fives and regretted their last moments. 


It has been 4 years and a half since Cheeky Parade was formed and was active without any member change. Though they will be physically apart, Cheeky Parade will always be these 9 members. 

Despite the fact that they were in a foreign country, the 9 members completed a great performance in front of 4,000 fans, and the venue was filled with a thunder of applause.

CKP4Yuriya Suzuki commented in tears at the end of the performance, “Thank you for giving us the greatest memories. Thank you,  from the bottom of my heart. We hope to see you in France again with these nine members. We will continue to do our best, so please continue to support us!”

Even after their performance ended, the never ending encore echoed. Cheeky Parade answered to the voice of the audience, and appeared on stage again with the call of “Vive la France!”, and finished the day with a total of 10 songs!


Yuna Sekine‘s comment

My dream, JAPAN EXPO. I am so happy that I was able to stand on stage and made my dream come true with these 9 members. I hope I can come back to France again with these members and I will do my best to perform abroad!

Yuriya Suzuki‘s comment

iDOL Street Carnival was supposed to be the last stage of the 9 members, but the love of the fans of France made us able to perform again for the last time. Thank you so much! I will do my best while Marin and Mariya are studying abroad for 2 years!! And I hope we can be the best 9 members that are active around the world, when they come back. 

Marin Yamamoto‘s comment
Mariya and Marin are scheduled be on hiatus to go to LA to study, but I am so glad that we were able to have our last live with these 9 members at our dream stage JAPAN EXPO in France! It’s sad that we wont be able to do a live with full members for 2 years, but we will surely increase power and come back to France!

Mariya Suzuki‘s comment

It was the last live for us, Mariya and Marin, before going abroad to study. So, it was very fortunate that we had this opportunity to stand on stage with the 9 members again!! I want to be able to speak English fluently, so that I can talk to the fans in France too! I promise I will come back to France again as Mariya from Cheeky Parade! Thank you for the precious times♪

Keep the promise of after two years.




July 7 (Thursday) Setlist



2. Chekera

3. Shekena!




6. Together


8. Cheeky dreamer

July 10 Setlist


1. CPU !?

2. Chekera

3. Mugendai Shoujo∀



5. Hungry

6. Colorful Starlight

7. Cheeky Fighter

8. Together


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