Ciao Bella Cinquetti Reunites with Former Members at Final Performance

Ciao Bella Cinquetti Reunites with Former Members at Final Performance

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On August 2, 2018, Ciao Bella Cinquetti held their final performance “Ciao Bella Cinquetti LAST LIVE〜Thank You! Dearest!” at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo.


The group began as THE Possible on August 2, 2006, and gathered 1,700 fans together at their last live on the day of their 12th anniversary.

Dressed in their member colors, the group sang through their repertoire from their THE Possible days with songs including “Otome! Be Ambitious!” and “Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!” all the way to their final song as Ciao Bella Cinquetti, “Nandomo Nandomo…” in a nostalgic number that rounded out the 26 songs.


During the middle segment of the live, they performed a song written and composed by Tsunku♂ in a medley. Kanami Morozuka conveyed her thoughts on the song in the MC: “When we first sang the song, although the other members had technical difficulties with it I was told that my singing was neither good nor bad but simply sincere.” She revealed that Tsunku♂ would deliver rice to the members backstage.


At the double encore, the group sung another Tsunku♂-produced song “Young DAYS!!” which had been their debut single. At the ending, former members Kaede Oose and Yurika Akiyama emerged on stage as a surprise. The six original members of the group sang together for the first time in 9 years, embracing each other in tears. For the last time they greeted: “We are THE Possible!” and the fans responded with loud cheers.


Robin Shoko Okada, Yuki Goto, Aina Hashimoto and Kanami Morozuka will go their separate ways with their solo activities from now on. Having accomplished a fulfilling idol career spanning 14 years since their Hello! Project trainee days, the four members have only just begun their new challenges.

They each gave their own comments at the encore.

Hashimoto: “Time went by like a flash after we announced our disbandment. We talked about it a lot until then, but each time we’d say we wanted to continue just a little more. As we performed today I thought once again that I didn’t want to stop. But I’m happy that there are this many people watching over us. Each of us will work hard from now on so that our decision to disband won’t be in vain.”


Goto: “I had lots and lots of fun. I’m thankful that everyone came to meet us, and also watch us on Niconama. We had our share of low moments, and two members also graduated. Everything up till now is my treasure, from being found by Tsunku-san at auditions to coming together with these members. Today’s the last day, but I won’t be afraid for as long as everyone’s with me.”


Okada: “I’m grateful to the staff who taught me everything from the first step when I didn’t know anything, and reached out to me when I felt unsure during our 5th anniversary. These 12 years have brought huge changes, but the members were always by my side. I could stand on stage because these three members showed me so much love. Also, to the fans, I’m sorry for annoying you so much (laughs). I love these scenery. Would you continue to watch over me?” (loud cheers)


Morozuka: “The 12 years weren’t all just fun and games; there were frustrations, struggles and plenty of thoughts of quitting. Each time the members told me they wanted to keep singing together with me a little more, and the staff supported me from the back. There were fans who followed me all the way. I was encouraged by people who told me they most liked the Mororin who sang and danced on stage. Because of all that I was able to continue. I really felt like I was the happiest no matter how often I ran into a wall. It was an honor to become a part of this group. The songs will always remain even from now on. They’re songs that gave me courage. I hope that they’d continue to provide energy even if just a little.”


Set List

01 Gimme Vanilla!
02 Do Me! Do!
03 Lovely!Lovely!
04 Pi-kanSweetEmotion!
05 Jounetsu Butterfly
06 Come on!〜Shuyaku wa Watashi da! (Omae mo na!)~
07 Shiawase no Tenbin
08 Nanjyakorya?!
09 Family〜Tabidachi no Asa〜
10 Shushoku=GOHAN no Uta
11 Watashi no Miryoku
12 Kaze no Uwasa
13 Ijiwaru Crazy love
14 Shiawase no Katachi
15 TrueHearts〜Fantastic 4 verA.〜
16 Love Message!
17 Kibou to Seishun no Hikari
18 High Tension! Wagga Jinsei!
19 Otome Be Ambitious!
20 Eien Fireball!
21 Nandomo nandomo…
22 LOVE! Mousou Rhapsody♪
23 Sakurairo no Romantic

E1 Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!
E2 Itoshisa wo Tabanete

WE1 Young DAYS!!

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