Ciao Bella Cinquetti Brings the House Down in Successful Solo Tour Final at Nakano Sun Plaza

チャオ ベッラ チンクエッティ 中野サンプラザでツアーファイナル大成功!!
Ciao Bella Cinquetti Brings the House Down in Successful Solo Tour Final at Nakano Sun Plaza

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On January 9 2018, Ciao Bella Cinquetti concluded their tour “Ciao Bella Cinquetti Live Tour 2017 Fall〜We’re Going to Nakano Sunplaza On The Last Day!〜” with their final performance at the titular venue.

It’s been around 3 years since their last solo live at Nakano Sunplaza, back in November 2014 when they were still known as THE Possible. It was a venue rich with memories for the 4 members, who were formed from the Hello! Pro Eggs (now known as Hello! Pro Trainees) in 2006. After the first long weekend of the new year, many fans crowded into the hall despite it being a weekday.

The group kicked off the live with “LOVE! Mousou Rhapsody♪” from their digital single released in December 2017. The next song “Hyper!! Happiness!!” saw them belting out unique lyrics introducing each member, igniting the audience with energy as they pulled them completely into the world of Ciao Bella.
During Robin Shoko Okada’s solo song “P-Kan♡Sweet Emotion”, her outfit transformed and she flaunted a miniskirt in her signature color pink.

“I want to light up this whole hall,” she declared, and the audience’s penlights promptly went out. With that, laser beams shot out and lit up the stage as dance numbers from “BOOM!x3〜Jerashicchauzo! Jirashicchauzo!〜” “Gimme Vanilla!” were performed. Following that, they dazzled the audience in a spectacular display of lights and dance as directed by Kouhaku artist choreographer Jikken Gekijou. They then performed “Kibou to Seishun no Hikari”, mesmerizing the crowd and following the rhythm of their breath with a glowing sphere.


After the dazzling light performance, the concert segued into its acoustic corner. As per custom in every tour Hashimon (Aina Hashimoto) drank sweet potato shochu while singing her solo song, giving an encore performance of her popular “Imo-kai” event. She sang covers of Ulfuls’ “Tomarahen” and Miyuki Nakajima’s “Fight!”, while delivering long MCs in between. Hashimoto’s singing voice dominated the hushed atmosphere in the audience.


The band then kicked in with their instrumentals as the members returned to stage with new outfits, thus beginning the second half of the live with “Jinsei wa Party! Da!”. Mororin (Kanami Morozuka) descended upon the audience with a huge “Moro Flag”, as she belted out her solo “Come on!〜Shuyaku wa Watashi da! (Omae mo na!)〜”. The fans erupted with calls of “Aishiteyamanai Mororin!” as the same words flashed across the screen.


The setlist rolled into the rock number “Ichigo Ichie”, a song arranged by the tour’s guitarist Jiro Miyanaga.
Yuki Goto then performed “Futakotamaga” by herself, a song that was originally sung by Hashimoto before the group changed its name. Previously Hashimoto had sung about the separation of man and woman as if she had strong emotions buried below, but Goto’s voice carried a sense of fleetingness that gave the song a different kind of feeling.

The main performance concluded, brimming over with the potential of the group and each member’s distinctive charm.
When they re-emerged for the encore, they were surprised by the fans with a synchronized display of pen lights in each member’s color—blue (Morozuka), red (Hashimoto), yellow (Goto) and pink (Okada)—and even white for the band members from the second level.
In the midst of the lights, the group performed their first digital single “Nando mo nando mo…” before the fans for the first time.


During the MC, Okada said: “If you ever wonder why we like Nakano Sunplaza so much, it’s because this is the very first stage we stepped on when we entered this world. Back then we were Hello! Pro Eggs and supported groups like Morning Musume as back dancers. It’s been a long three years since we last performed here as THE Possible, but today we came home! Thank you!

To be honest, when we became 4 members from 5, my confidence went down to the point where I thought I didn’t want to stand on this stage anymore. But with every performance all of you supported us and returned that confidence to us, so I began to want to perform on this stage once again.

One year ago, I asked the staff to allow us to return to Nakano Sunplaza. Even though they said it was probably impossible, they listened to our selfish pleas. Thanks to the people who came even on the day itself or just by impulse, the four of us could fulfil our dreams of standing on this stage because of everyone’s support. Thank you so much.”

The four members bowed before the applauding audience.

Okada continued: “The longer we continue, the more we don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore. It becomes embarrassing to talk about our dreams as we become adults. But I think everyone goes through struggles in their life, so I hope that when you’re facing troubles you can think about how Ciao Bella’s also doing their best. I hope that everyone will be here with us as we head towards our next dream, so would you come meet us again?” As she raised her question to the audience, they responded with deafening applause.

After performing “Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!”, the group sealed their promise and gratitude with the ballad number “Aishisa wo Tabanete”. Pictures from their debut as THE Possible to their present appeared on screen, as the four members stood below on stage.

At the end of the live they introduce the band members: NOHANA (Bass/Draft King), MAO (Guitar/Draft King), Rika Matsui (Drums) and Jiro Miyanaga (Guitar) who joined the tour halfway. With that, they concluded their final performance and closed the curtains on the tour they had continued since September 2017.


Report:Mikio Takashima

Set List

01 LOVE! Mousou Rhapsody♪
02 Hyper!! Happiness!!
03 P-Kan♡Sweet Emotion / Robin Shoko Okada
04 Ai no Energy
05 BOOM!×3 ~Jealousy shicchau zo! Jirashicchau zo!~
06 Gimme Vanilla!
07 Kibou to Seishun no Hikari
08 Tomarahen (Ulfuls)/ Aina Hashimoto
09 Fight! (Miyuki Nakajima)/ Aina Hashimoto
10 Jinsei wa Party! Da!
11 Come on!〜Shuyaku wa Watashi da! (Omae mo na!)~ / Kanami Morozuka
12 Ichigo Ichie
13 Futakotamagawa / Yuki Goto
14 High Tension! Wagga Jinsei!
15 Otome! Be Ambitious!
16 Jounetsu Butterfly / Aina Hashimoto
17 True Hearts ~Fantastic 4~ Ver.B

E1 Nandomo Nandomo…
E2 Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!
E3 Aishisa wo Tabanete

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Translated by SHARURU

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