Ciao Bella Cinquetti Walk the Line in the MV for “Wadachi”

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Ciao Bella Cinquetti Walk the Line in the MV for “Wadachi”

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Ciao Bella Cinquetti keep moving forward through the ups and downs of life in the MV for “Wadachi” from their upcoming single “High Tension! Wagga Jinsei!/Wadachi” (release date: August 2)!

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The MV for “Wadachi”, which was directed by Masaki Takehisa, shows Ciao Bella Cinquetti walking down a well-worn path and performing in a rolling green field with Draft King backing them up as colored smoke swirls in the background. Lyrics are by Shizuna Suzuki and Miki Watanabe, who also composed and arranged the music.

“High Tension! Wagga Jinsei!/Wadachi” will be released in a limited CD/DVD version and 2 regular versions. The DVD includes the MVs for “High Tension! Wagga Jinsei!” and “Wadachi”. Both regular versions include a “High Tension! Wagga Jinsei! (Nanchatte Samba mix)”.

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