Idol is Not Dead! Former BiS Members Reunite for Brand-new Idle Society!

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Idol is Not Dead! Former BiS Members Reunite for Brand-new Idle Society!

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On December 12, 2015, the 6 members of the disbanded legendary anti-idol group BiS shared the stage in front of a sold out audience at La Foret Museum Harajuku for “BILLE IDLE® Presents ‘Brand-new Idle Society’”! It was a chance for former “Kenkyuuin” (BiS name for their fans) to see what the members had gotten themselves into since they took their final bow at Yokohama Arena on July 8, 2014. With BILLIE IDLE®, Maison book girl, Tentenko, LUI FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN, and POP taking the stage, it was kind of a class reunion of a group that left an indelible mark on the idol scene.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting on authorization from Maison book girl so this report is being published without their part of the live included for now. We deeply apologize for this. We hope that we will be able to publish this report in its entirety in the near future.

Former BiS member Rio Michibayashi served as the MC for the event, receiving cheers and applause when she appeared on the stage. In addition to introducing the performers, she also did some short interviews after their performances to tie everything together neatly.


Tentenko appeared on the dimly-lit stage, her hair braided and wearing austere clothes which Pour Lui and Michibayashi later likened to something that refugee children fleeing a war-torn country would wear. As the first performer, Tentenko instilled a tense atmosphere over the audience when she started singing an acapella cover of “Virgin Blues” by Akiyuki Nosaka who passed away just days earlier (December 9, 2015) while swinging her right arm steadily as if she were marching. Tentenko continued with a second song by Nosaka, “Kuro no Funauta”. Her voice hung in the still air as she continued to swing her fist, the starkness of the performance expressing her feelings about his death.

After brightening up the mood with her original song “Ki no Shita” with its more cheerful sounds, Tentenko introduced herself and talked about currently being concerned with DJ activities, noise music, and singing in the styles she presented in the first 3 songs. With Tentenko having collaborated with famous noise band Hijou Kaidan as a member of BiS (BiS Kaidan)and making her major debut with Toshiji Mikawa (Hijou Kaidan) in 2016, her history with noise will be sure to continue. She left the stage after unleasing a barrage of varied sounds via ”Motor Humming”, ”Rhythm Ondo” and ”Boshi Jusei” from her album “Tentenko sings Halmens”. Despite standing alone on the large stage, Tentenko left an overwhelming impression on the audience to start the show.

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Despite completing a 100km marathon through the mountains just hours performing a blistering 2-hour live and a week of release events, Saki Kamiya was still going strong as POP hit the stage.

Ao Shigusawa took on an uncharacteristically bold tone as she called Saki from the back of the stage, boldly asking, “weren’t you the member of BiS who had the least presence?” before they began their set. What followed was a resounding rebuke of Saki’s past as the floor shook and the temperature rose while bodies began to crash into each other.

Setting things off with “Plastic 2 mercy”, the audience jumped and roared out the MIX to the infectious electronic melody. With their new colorful stage outfits, cyalumes corresponding to the 5 members we held out as they took turns singing. Maaya Inukai was surrounded by yellow lights as she sang her solo lines in the middle of the song before the eye of the storm passed and the music rocketed back into overdrive. The pace picked up with “pretty pretty good”, Saki playing up to the fans with cute and silly expressions on her face as she “ebizori’d” along with the others on the stage.

Next was “Alarm”, a fast paced electronic rock song that had fans throwing their hands in the air to the beats and doing a wave. Yua Yumeno seemed to glow pink as the fans reached out to her with their cyalumes. Waving and smiling brightly, POP had a special delivery in the form of “Letter” as the audience clapped along steadily. Even though the lyrics are about saying farewell, for many it was a chance to welcome back Saki after she had returned from her 4-month disciplinary hiatus from the group.

Saki glanced over her shoulder as the others stood with their backs turned to begin “Daydream”. Tiny Miki Yamamachi pumped her fist and threw out heart kechas while belting out the lyrics. During the bouncy “who am I?”, Saki leaned out over the front of the stage with a big grin on her face, holding out her microphone as the audience sung along. Saving the wildest and craziest song for last, POP ended their set with “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky”, seeming to move around on the stage at double speed, save for Yua and Ao’s solo parts.

As POP stood on the stage glistening, Michibayashi exclaimed, “You’re so sweaty!”, but added, “It’s kind of a really positive feeling”, prompting the members to chime in, “Because we’re the ‘King of Positive’!”, referring to the moniker they began using after Tokyo Idol Festival 2015. With Saki’s closely cropped hair, Michibayashi marveled at her popularity with the females, likening her to a Takarazuka star.

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