A New Popular Spot in Harajuku : BOOKMARC Tokyo by Marc Jacobs!

A New Popular Spot in Harajuku : BOOKMARC Tokyo by Marc Jacobs!

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Today, I want to introduce a store which opened in Harajuku, Tokyo.
BOOK MARC, it opened as a first shop in Asia.


I suppose you all know Marc Jacobs, right? Many girls in Tokyo love Marc by Marc Jacobs as a secondary line.
We always wear its clothes in any occasion, for instance, going to school and hanging out with friends.


BOOK MARC is a store, which sells books about art, fashion, cultures and etc, that had inspired the designer of this brand, Marc Jacob.
Due to the fact that the fifth store following New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, had opened at Cat street, the most popular in Harajuku, Tokyo today, BOOK MARC is creating a stir among Japanese girls.

Since we heard there would be a lot of fashionable fellows in the reception party, which was held the day before the store opened, TOKYOISM girls went to the party to check it out.


There were many fascinating books in the store.


They sell stationaries and original goods which you can only get in this store.


I enjoyed shopping, imagining how happy I would be when I get a present such as notebooks and pens that has a logo of MARC JACOB.
I was shopping so earnestly that I almost forgot about the party!


All fashionistas at the party were making themselves at home and we can assume that BOOK MARC is being widely noticed.


In Tokyo, we usually have an opening party whenever a store opens.

It is one of a dream for Tokyo girls to be invited to such a party. This is why girls in Tokyo always caring about the latest information and also, we are sensitive to trends.
Don’t you think it is a little understandable that Tokyo was chosen to open the fifth store in the world?


BOOK MARC will let us seek the inspiration of the designer, Marc Jacob. It will surely be a new famous spot in Harajuku. We recommend you to check it out soon!

BOOKMARC Tokyo (opening 11 October 2013)
Address: 4-26-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo (MAP)
Opening hour: 11am – 8pm (Irregular holidays)
Tel: (+81)3-5412-0351


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