Eat Giant Gyoza and Lost Words (Zekku)! Black DPG Shows Their Indomitable Spirit in the MV for “Zekku Tokyo”

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Eat Giant Gyoza and Lost Words (Zekku)!  Black DPG Shows Their Indomitable Spirit in the MV for “Zekku Tokyo”

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Black DPG, a female unit opposing to the entertainment group NATSU NO MAMONO, released MV for “Zekku Tokyo”. (release date : August 26th)

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Black DPG is called as “terminal heroine” who try to usurp the position of NATSU NO MAMONO, by bothering or taking over their stages. “Zekku Tokyo” is included in NATSU NO MAMONO’s latest double A side single “Renai Shijo Shugi Summer Everyday/Dokimeki Lib Rary”. The sounds has death metal taste, and in the MV, the members of Black DPG challenge to eat up super giant gyoza and it must be expressing their never-give-up spirits.

In addition to Black DPG’s MV, NATSU NO MAMONO also released their new MV for “Dokimeki Lib Rary” following to “Renai Shijo Shugi Summer Everyday“MV as we introduced before. Don’t miss it too!

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Both of the group will appear at the rock festival “AOMORI ROCK FESTIVAL’15 ~NATSU NO MAMONO~” held at Yogoshiyama Ski site, Aomori. The event is known as having unique artist line up every year, and for this year, LADYBABY, UPUPGIRLS(KARI), BiSH, BELLING Shojo Heart, Oyasumi Hologram, POP, Seno Sister, LUI FRONTiC Akabane Japan, Tentenko…and many more groups will perform! If you have a chance, visit AOMORI ROCK FESTIVAL and experience the madness!


Renai Shijyo Summer Everyday / Dokimeki Lib Rary / Natsu no Mamono



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