A Galaxy of Possibilities Revealed in BiSH’s MV for “Promise The Star”
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BiSH light up the night sky in the MV for their 2nd major label single “Promise The Star” (release date: March 22)!

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Directed by Hidenobu Tanabe, known for his past work with rock bands RADWIMPS、Alexandros、and KEYTALK, the story part of “Promise The Star” focuses on a schoolgirl played by model Makoto Tanaka walking through the middle of Shibuya, the scene of BiSH’s previous MV “Hontō Honki”. She teleports to a bridge and begins running, eventually reaching the helipad where BiSH was performing, attracted to the beams of light shining into the sky.

“Promise The Star” will be released in a special CD/DVD version with a 400% BiSH BE@RBRICK (which sold out as soon as it was made available for pre-order), a CD/DVD Live version, and a regular version. Both CD/DVD versions include the live video of BiSH’s FREE LIVE “iN THE END” at TSUTAYA O-EAST on December 1, 2016, the group’s last performance of 2016 in Tokyo before Aina the End had surgery to remove vocal cord nodules. The BE@RBRICK version also includes a collection of all of BiSH’s MVs and the making of clips for “Hontō Honki” and “Promise The Star”. Starting on March 3rd, “Promise The Star” and it’s coupling song “Help!!” will be available on iTunes as well.

BiSH finishes up their NEVERMiND tour on March 19, 2017 where they will return to Zepp Tokyo. In-store release events for “Promise The Star” have been scheduled from March 21st until March 26th in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

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