Controversial BiSH’s “nerve” and School Swimsuits are BiS’s Homage or Fake?

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Controversial BiSH’s “nerve” and School Swimsuits are BiS’s Homage or Fake?

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Surprising news traveled among idol fans on September 12th as a certain word ranked in the trend of twitter. Some rejoiced with the news and obviously others did not. The word tweeted unexpectedly was “nerve” which almost all idol fans at least once have heard. BiSH finally opened the Pandora’s box.

On the day, music festival called “Natsu no Mamono” was held at Yogoshiyama Ski Site, Aomori. Intentionally or accidentally, ex-BiS members gathered on the festival, Pour Lui as Lui Frontic Akabane Japan, Saki Kamiya as POP, Tentenko, and, First Summer Uika and Nozomi Hirano as BILLIE IDLE. Many kenkyuin (fans of BiS) might have came to the festival with a certain expectation.

BiSH at the very beginning of their performance proclaimed “It might be a fate that all the ex-BiS members lined up in this festival…We, BiSH, came here to squash BiS” and performed BiS’s anthem “nerve”. Most of the audience livened up and the others seemed to be confused. What made this so controversial?

Since Junnosuke Watanabe, the ex-manager of BiS, started BiSH in order to form BiS again, there has been a matter of argument that BiSH was a successor to BiS or not among idol fans including kenkyuin. BiSH had not performed BiS’s songs except for once before this incident, so many seisoin(fans of BiSH) thought that BiSH would not sing BiS’s songs but walk their own way as an idol. However, it was proved to be wrong.

In addition, it is still fresh in our mind that BiSH dived into the audience with school swimsuits. (Read this article) This is exactly the same as what BiS has done. It can clearly be claimed that BiSH has been following the track of BiS and they are a pale imitation thus far. However, it has been just some months since they started their career as BiSH. It is still too early to draw a conclusion that they are the fake.


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