Get Re:STUPiD! BiS Deliver Dizzying Performance at Shibuya WWW X!

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Get Re:STUPiD! BiS Deliver Dizzying Performance at Shibuya WWW X!

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The second coming of BiS, the notorious anti-idol group, crossed an important milestone in their 6-month history as they descended upon Shibuya WWW X for the finale of their Re:STUPiD Tour on February 26, 2017.


Producer/manager Junnosuke Watanabe greeted the kenkyūin (fans), inviting any females to make their way up to the special female priority area near the front of the stage, and explaining that aside from the prohibition of video/audio recording, there were “no rules”, causing them to shout with glee.


The members walked out onto the stage in silence, their leader Pour Lui cheerfully welcoming the kenkyūin to the performance as the others smiled and waved. Just like the name of the tour and album (Re:STUPiD) implied, she explained that it was time to get stupid again and that they had no idea what the set list was, except that they would perform nonstop and that the last song would be “Let it Be”. Pour Lui riled up the crowd even more as she shouted, “Are you ready to get stupid?”, “We totally haven’t prepared at all!”, and “Hurry up and do some songs!”

The intro for “Give me your love Zenbu” began playing and BiS jumped into action, waving their fists in the air as the kenkyūin chanted along and writhed with excitement. “nerve” burst from the speakers and the crowd became like a stormy sea as kenkyūin climbed on top of each other and shouted out the names of their favorite members, the floor quivering as they swung their arms in ebizori and surged forward like waves crashing on a beach.

The trip through the past of BiS continued with the infamous “My Ixxx”, the members of BiS rocking back and forth while whipping the kenkyūin into a frenzy. A figure in a gold bodysuit emerged from the mass of black shirts to cheer on Peri Ubu as she sang her lines and a wall of bodies was erected in the direction of Go Zeela.

Waves of handclaps mixed with accelerating guitars as Kika Front Frontal brought things into the present with one of BiS’ newer songs “Ashita ga Kuru Nara”. Singing passionately as they raised their hands high and pointed out into the audience, BiS tugged on the heartstrings of the kenkyūin.

The bouncy dance rock of “Happy Birthday” had the kenkyūin jumping and pumping their fists in the air to the rubbery bass line, gritty guitars, and snappy drums. Crashing into the depths with “Mysterious Hall”, BiS’ distorted vocals cut like hacksaws through the thick wall of sound.

Turning back the clock to 2011, the members swung their way through “BiS”, smiling cheerfully at the end. The eerie “Human after all” brought with it the appearance of the submissive Kika Front Frontal as Aya Eight Prince and Peri Ubu took turns groping her and trying to take off her uniform, eventually sitting on her as if she was a horse and flipping off the kenkyūin.

The mood shifted dramatically as BiS settled into the soothing jazzy sounds of “Taiyō no Jumon”, hopping cutely and waving their hands like conductors during the saxophone solo, their fingers pressed to their lips as the music faded out. Pumping their fists and bumping their hips to the power-pop of “Romeo no Shinzō”, BiS quickened the pulses of kenkyūin. The heartfelt block of songs continued as the members sang Go Zeela’s melancholy lyrics to “twisted grunge”, the lyricist screaming out her feelings of pain and loneliness in the middle of the song.

The peace was short-lived as BiS jumped back into the battle, screaming as the apocalyptic sounds of “IDOL” blasted from the speakers, the drums like artillery as the kenkyūin advanced towards the stage like soldiers attempting to storm a beach. The onslaught continued with “Give Me a Chocolate”, a kenkyūin dressed as an ear of corn competing with the one in gold for the attention of Peri Ubu.

The performance continued, shifting gears into the perky ska-punk of “Never Starting Song”, Go Zeela sitting at the edge of the stage as Kika Front Frontal circled Aya Eight Prince. Collapsing for a moment, BiS was on their feet again, swaying from side to side for and kicking up their feet like a chorus line for “YELL”.

The pace picked up again as BiS rumbled through “CHANGE the WORLD”, the venue joining together, just as many of the kenkyūin had when the group filmed the MV in the streets of Shibuya a few months earlier. Pour Lui shouted, “Get stupid!”, as BiS kept going with “SAY YES”, the feelings of unity growing as the hundreds of kenkyūin moved as if in sync with the members during “primal.”, raising their fists high with backs turned.

Cooling off briefly with “NOT the END”, BiS descended back into the depths with the stifling electronic arrangement of “Not Special”, Peri Ubu and Aya Eight Prince meeting at the center of the stage of a kiss. The darkness and fog cleared as Pour Lui’s gentle voice began “NAKODUB”, the stage lights taking on the appearance of a sunrise as the members swayed and raised their fists high overhead.

Pour Lui shouted and the kenkyūin roared back in response as “BiSBiS”, the song which ushered in the resurrection of BiS on the second anniversary of their disbandment, pumped from the sound system. Both kenkyūin and BiS reenergized as they reached out to each other. From there, the venue cooled down with a heartfelt performance of “ONE DAY”.

As soon as “Paprika” began, the members of BiS started squatting and raising their fists above their heads, the kenkyūin moving along with them. Despite the pained expressions on their faces, the song began playing again, Peri Ubu and Kika Front Frontal holding on to each other for strength and Pour Lui letting out an exhausted sigh as they kept going. As BiS staggered around the stage, they cried out in pain but kept moving their bodies, determined not to give up, the kenkyūin united with them as they kept going as well. “Paprika” began a third time, Peri Ubu pulling herself off the floor and Pour Lui screaming, “Help us!”. Despite the circumstances, as BiS and the kenkyūin struggled together, neither side giving in.

At long last, the final song of the night “Let It Be” arrived, the members once again full of energy as they smiled and pointed out into the audience and ran around on the stage for the grand finale, singing along with the kenkyūin.

The encore claps began as soon as BiS left the stage, continuing for several minutes until they returned. Thanking the kenkyūin, Pour Lui announced that they would be releasing a new single and be starting BiS BAD SOCiAL TOUR which would begin on May 30th at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo and take them to 11 other cities, including Okinawa and Hokkaido. Her tone took a more serious note as she wondered if BiS would have been better off without her, mentioning the times they slept in the car, and her disappointing showing in the 100km marathon, apologizing for being a bad leader. However, she vowed to have BiS become stronger, making even the wishes of the original group come true.

The last song of the night was “gives”, a song which some kenkyūin feel is an answer to “primal.” due to its similar sound and choreography. Thanking the kenkyūin again, BiS brought what is sure to be the first of many unforgettable “stupid” nights to a close.


Photos by Mime Soga


May 30, 2017
Ebisu LIQUIDROOM (Tokyo)

June 4, 2017
output (Okinawa)

June 11, 2017
SUNASH (Shizuoka)

July 1, 2017
BAck Beat (Hiroshima)

July 15, 2017

July 16, 2017

July 17, 2017
Ishinomaki BLUE RESISTANCE (Miyagi)

July 22, 2017
Misono Universe (Osaka)

July 23, 2017
Takamatsu DIME (Kagawa)

July 27, 2017
Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO (Aichi)

July 29, 2017
Kumamoto Be.9 V2 (Kumamoto)

July 30, 2017
Fukuoka DRUM Be-1 (Fukuoka)

Set List

01 Give me your love Zenbu
02 nerve
03 My Ixxx
04 Ashita ga Kuru nara
05 Happy Birthday
06 Mysterious Hall
07 BiS
08 Human after all
09 Taiyō no Jumon
10 Romeo no Shinzō
11 twisted grunge
13 Give Me a Chocolate
14 Never Starting Song
18 primal.
19 NOT the END
20 Not Special
22 BiSBiS
24 Paprika
25 Paprika
26 Paprika
27 Let it Be

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