BILLIE IDLE® Get Animated in the MV for “Kanata ni…”! Release ’80’s Classic on iTunes!

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BILLIE IDLE® Get Animated in the MV for “Kanata ni…”! Release ’80’s Classic on iTunes!

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BILLIE IDLE® has released a fully animated MV for “Kanata ni…”, a song with lyrics written by their most animated member Yuuhi Yasui from their second album “ROCK “N” ROLL IDLE” (release date: September 16)!

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In the MV, which was directed by illustrator/musician Akane Aki, has the members going wild beating up a tomato doll, unleashing their frustrations on it. Visually, it looks similar to an old video game or Squigglevision and musically it’s another hot-blooded retro rock track by KEVIN MARKS.

BILLIE IDLE® has released “ROCK “N” ROLL IDLE (+)” on iTunes, which includes a bonus track titled “I WLLL CALL YOU”, a cover of a 1980’s club classic by MELON. It will be their first time to take on a song which has lyrics entirely in English. You can also purchase the song separately if you have already bought the CD.

Finally, BILLIE IDLE® be reuniting the 6 former members of the legendary anti-idol group BiS in an event titled “Brand-new Idle Society” on December 12, 2015! Scheduled to appear are: BILLIE IDLE® (First Summer Uika and Nozomi Hirano), Lui FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN (Pour Lui), Maison book girl (Megumi Koshoji), POP (Saki Kamiya), and Tentenko. Hopefully, Saki Kamiya will complete her 100km marathon on December 5th and be able to participate in what might be one of the most unforgettable lives of 2015!

BILLIE IDLE® presents “Brand-new Idle Society”
Performers:BILLIE IDLE®, Lui FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN, Maison book girl, POP, and Tentenko
Date:December 12, 2015 (Saturday)
Open: 4:00pm Start: 4:30pm
Place: La Foret Museum Harajuku
Ticket: Advance:¥4000


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