Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever! BILLIE IDLE® Light Up Daikanyama UNIT With Explosive Tour Finale!

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever! BILLIE IDLE® Light Up Daikanyama UNIT With Explosive Tour Finale!

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BILLIE IDLE® brought an end to their 4-city (Nagoya/Fukuoka/Osaka/Tokyo) “bi bi bi bi bi” tour with a determined 23-song performance at Daikanyama UNIT on December 4, 2016.


Getting things started with “Hajimari Emotion”, First Summer Uika, Nozomi Hirano, Momo Momose, and Akira had the “idle fellas” (fans) pumping their fists and chanting along with them. Moving right into their debut song “anarchy in the music scene”, Uika planted a scowl on her face while Akira and Momo danced beside her, a smile breaking across her lips as soon as the song transitioned to the hook with its energetic dance break. Unleashing a shout and whipping out a harmonica, Uika jumped right into “Ashita, Ashita, Ashita” as Nozomi, Momo, and Akira punching the air to the grinding punk rock rhythms.


Rocking from side to side in sync with the marching guitars of “Youki na Beachside”, BILLIE IDLE® had the “idle fellas” bouncing right along with them, the pace ramping up with the rapid tempo shifts. Reaching cruising speed with “Heisei Rock Star”, Uika and Momo’s vocals cut through the air as Nozomi and Akira laid down a layer of smooth harmonies between them and the churning rockabilly shuffle.


Like a blast of cold winter winds, Nozomi’s whispering vocals brought the live to a simmer with “be-bop tu-tu” as she and the others moved around the stage in robotic formations. The heat was turned back up abruptly as the thundering drums and barking guitars of “pet” pulsed from the speakers, BILLIE IDLE® chopping up the lyrics with mono-syllabic vocal delivery that seemed to pop like bubbles on boiling water. Catapulted forward by a trust fall gone awry, Uika chased after the others as they danced away from her during the guitar solo.


Pausing to greet the fans, many of them standing near the bar and entrance because they were unable to fit inside the hall, BILLIE IDLE® removed their jackets due to the heat and introduced themselves, Akira proclaiming herself to be “everyone’s relative”. Never a loss for words, Uika expressed her gratitude for everyone helping make BILLIE IDLE’s first tour a success before changing the topic to holiday plans. Despite her assumption that everyone would be busy during December, the other members replied that they had nothing scheduled, leading her to suggest a Christmas party. Momo wished for a big tree, Nozomi wanted to have a present exchange, and Akira rattled off a long list of foods as visions of a Christmas party danced in their heads. Noting that the others admitted they didn’t really have that many friends, Uika suggested that they invite their fans to celebrate with them, leading into the crushing synthesizers and prickly guitars of “Idle Fellas”.


Nozomi was lead around the stage by her wrists by Momo and Akira as the fragile synthesizer melodies of “HUMANOID” pierced the hot air inside Daikanyama UNIT. The self-proclaimed “not idols” momentarily changed their stance on the matter as they turned back the clock with their cover of “Forever – Gingham Check Story –”, the bubbly debut single of the ’80’s idol group Shojo-tai. Keeping the mood of the “bubble era” going, the members took their places behind microphone stands and belted out “Toki no Tabibito” with their fists raised high overhead. Charging forward on the galloping guitars of “Riyuu Naki Hankouki”, Uika and Momo’s vocals stabbed like the razor sharp teeth of attacking barracuda. In a change from previous performances of “Konnin Todoke wa Tomaranai”, the “idle fellas” were the ones on the receiving end of marriage proposals as Akira and Nozomi tossed out fake marriage registration documents folded into paper airplanes.


With all pistons firing, BILLIE IDLE® roared through “Darlin’ ni wa Naranai”, as the “idle fellas” pumped their fists and shouted out a MIX, joining their voices together again as Akira and Nozomi lead them in a singalong. With the heat rising, BILLIE IDLE® removed their jackets again in an attempt to cool down a little. However, the announcement that there would indeed be holding a Christmas event, “BILLIE IDLE® presents Idle Xmas” at Roppongi Morph Tokyo on December 25th with GANG PARADE, had the “idle fellas” shaking with excitement.


Pointing up and away into the darkness, Akira exclaimed “Hasshin” (dispatch) to get the performance back on the tracks with “Furare Kibun de Rock ‘n’ Roll” (TOM★CAT cover), leading the others around the stage in a human train to ride out the end of the song. The tide was high as BILLIE IDLE® crashed ashore with “BiG BiG WAVE”, Uika running across the stage to lead the “idle fellas” in a wave that washed from wall to wall of the venue.


Nozomi moved to the front of the stage with the others behind her with their backs turned as she began “Douse Kieteshimau Inochi nara…”, Uika, and Momo taking over the lines previously sung by former BiS members Saki Kamiya (GANG PARADE), Tentenko, and Rio Michibayashi. Shuffling around like the undead, BILLIE IDLE® unearthed “Jackie no Daibouken ~ Jigoku yori no Shisha”, a mysterious tale through the underworld punctuated by a churning upright bass line, snappy drum blasts, and gravelly guitars. Picking up the pace with the punkish “Nakisou Sunday”, the members blew kisses and skipped around the stage, their fists pumping along with the “idle fellas”. Beating up an imaginary “Tomajin”, Akira offered a different perspective on “Kanata ni…”, a song which had been near synonymous with former member Yuuhi Yasui due to her writing the lyrics for it. Catching a “Tomajin” thrown to her, the “idle fellas” extended their hands towards her in kechas as she sung her solo lines. Giving thanks and taking a bow, BILLIE IDLE® left the stage.


After a few minutes of encore calls, the members returned to the stage, Uika recalled the happenings of 2016 with Yuuhi Yasui leaving the group due to health issues in August and the debut of Akira in September. Remarking that it would make 3 years for the group in January, she shared that she felt that the second chapter of the group was off to a good start with the success of the tour and asked the “idle fellas” to stay with them until they’re in their 60’s. Starting back up with “by,” their first performance of the solo song with lyrics written by Yasui, the members seemed to be running to their future while keeping the past in their minds, opening imaginary doors as the final notes faded away into the night. Charging through with “Hontou no Yume wo”, they left the stage again momentarily, being greeted by the sight of a giant banner and hundreds of flags with an cute illustration of the members on them. With flags waving excitedly, BILLIE IDLE® brought down the curtain on their first tour with a rousing rendition of “be my boy”, joining hands and thanking the “idle fellas” for coming to witness their new beginning.

Former member Yuuhi Yasui (middle) was there at the show!

Despite being one of the more prolific groups (3 albums and 1 EP) to emerge from the disbandment of BiS, BILLIE IDLE® has been rather elusive in the more than 2 years they have been active. With their musical style and image rooted firmly in the past, they continue to march forward into the future, and considering that First Summer Uika expressed her wishes for the group to continue until the members are in their 60’s, it will be interesting to see where they go next!

Set List

01 Hajimari Emotion
02 anarchy in the music scene
03 Ashita, Ashita, Ashita
04 Youki na Beachside
05 Heisei Rock Star
06 be-bop tu-tu
07 pet
08 idle fellas
10 Forever – Gingham Check Story –
11 Toki no Tabibito
12 Riyu Naki Hankouki
13 Konnin Todoke wa Tomaranai
14 Darlin’ ni wa Naranai
15 Furare Kibun de Rock ‘n’ Roll
17 Douse Kieteshimau Inochi nara…
18 Jackie no Daibouken ~ Jigoku yori no Shisha
19 Nakisou Sunday
20 Kanata ni…

E1 by
E2 Hontou no Yume wo

W1 be my boy

BILLIE IDLE® presents 『Idle Xmas』
December 25, 2016 (Sunday)
Roppongi morph-tokyo
Open: 3:30pm Start: 4:00pm
Presale: 3,500 yen
Scheduled to appear: BILLIE IDLE®, GANG PARADE

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