How About Going for a Drive With Bandjanaimon! New MV “NaMiDa” Released!

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How About Going for a Drive With Bandjanaimon! New MV “NaMiDa” Released!

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Bandjanaimon! revealed a new MV “NaMiDa” from the single “NaMiDa/White youth” which was released today(24 Novemver, 2015)! They look so cute that we can not take eyes off them!

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The MV starts from the scene that the members go for a drive. While they sing the song in the MV, they also do fireworks and their pure smile conveys that they really enjoyed a shoot itself and fireworks. Also the last scene that they take a long look may implies that they gaze at the next step as an idol. Its choreography is easy, so why not copy it and dance with them in concert?


This single will be sold in 7 editions including normal edition and each member’s editions. The member’s edition has different artworks which seven illustrators including Ai☆Madonna joined. Also, the member’s solo song will be contained in the edition. There will be still many release events in this week, why not come to see them and experience Bandjanaimon! world?

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