Negicco Give Check to Their Dream Budokan! “The Music Band of Negicco” Live Report!

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Negicco Give Check to Their Dream Budokan! “The Music Band of Negicco” Live Report!

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Negicco successfully completed their nationwide tour “Negicco Second Tour “The Music Band of Negicco”” at Nakano Sun Plaza on April 27, 2016. They went around 9 cities with their “NEGiBAND”. Adding three horn players, there appeared total 11 members on the stage in this concert.




They kicked off the concert with “Hikari no Spur”, which reminded me of the concert “Negicco at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo Road of Negiiiiii ~Negicco One Man Show~ 2015 Summer”. During that concert, Nao said that she wanted to have a concert at Budokan and at the time, her declaration sounded like it was still a faraway dream. However, looking out at over three thousand people with their green Negi lights (pen lights colored like a Welsh onion), it felt like her dream was coming closer to becoming reality.




Followed by “Triple! Wonderland” and “Atarashii Koi no Uta”, they ran into “Jiyuni”. As the title says (Jiyuni means freely), Negicco enjoyed the song as they liked. In the interlude, they invited connie, the producer of Negicco to the stage so that everyone could sing “Tokimeki☆my dream” to thank him for hard work. It was a moving scene that really reflected on the 12 year history of Negicco and their never-ending gratitude to everyone who supports them.







Passing though an acoustic corner, the concert began to draw to a close. They heated up the audience with “Sayonara Music” and concluded the main part with “Tokimeki no Headliner”. The encore calls were interrupted by a video suddenly projected on the screen. In the movie, the members looked back on their progress since their debut and expressed happiness to come back to NHK Hall for “Negicco 13th Anniversary『Road of Negiiiiii ~TADAIMA~ 2016 Summer at NHK Hall』”. The audience looked happy but not surprised with the announcement because their goal is not NHK Hall but Budokan. NHK Hall is just another stepping stone on the Road of Negiiiiii!


They closed the curtain with “Attoutekina Style” and “Nee Vardia”. Doing precision dancing with all the audience, I felt like being one. Before they left the stage, the members thanked the audience and talked enthusiastically about NHK Hall. Passing 13 yeas since their foundation, just a small local idol group is now trying to make their dream come true. Suppose that they really reach that glorious stage, it would become a hope for all small idol groups. I cannot help but wishing their dream come true.




Negicco 13th Anniversary『Road of Negiiiiii ~TADAIMA~ 2016 Summer at NHK Hall
July 30, 2016 (Saturday)
NHK Hall, 2-2-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open: 5:00pm Start: 6:00pm
Reserved Seat: 5,800 yen Parent/child set: 11,000 yen

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