Babyraids JAPAN Say Hello in the MV for “Bokura wa Koko ni Iru”!

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Babyraids JAPAN Say Hello in the MV for “Bokura wa Koko ni Iru”!

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Babyraids JAPAN shout to the world in the MV for “Bokura wa Koko ni Iru” from their mini album “THE BRJ” (release date: September 20)!

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Babyraids JAPAN run out to meet the 5th anniversary since their CD debut, dressed in luxurious black and gold (or are they blue and white?) outfits while singing against the backdrop of lamplit brick archways and clocks and a brilliant white ballroom. The lyrics are positive and full of hope, reaffirming their mission to be the best idols they can be.

“THE BRJ” will be released in a limited CD/DVD version and a regular CD version. The DVD includes the MV and dance MV for “Bokura wa Koko ni Iru” as well as the making of video for “Bokura wa Koko ni Iru”, the photoshoot for the jacket artwork and yet unreleased photobook “Minna de Emotional Adventure!”.

Babyraids JAPAN is heading to the United States for J-POP SUMMIT 2017 on September 9th and 10th at the Fort Mason Center For Arts & Culture in San Francisco, CA and will complete their “Hare mo! Ame mo! Daisuki!!” tour of outdoor stages in Japan at Tobu Zoo Park on September 24th.

Track List

01 Nando Demo
02 Kubittake Enjoy Summer!
03 Spiral
04 Anti-Hero
05 Bokura wa Koko ni Iru

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THE BRJ / Babyraids JAPAN
THE BRJ / Babyraids JAPAN

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