The Different Types of Short Hairstyles for Idols

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The Different Types of Short Hairstyles for Idols

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Long hair has long been a popular choice of look for girls, with its girly appeal and potential for styling. Even among Japanese idols, most of them have long locks—twin tails and curls are common styles.

Some idols however, set themselves apart with their short hairstyles. From bouncy bobs to edgy close-cropped cuts, these idols have a distinctive image that makes them stand out from the rest. For some, it even gives them a unique sense of their idol self.

Dolly Bob


Having short hair doesn’t mean a girl can’t be feminine. Keyakizaka46 member Yurina Hirate has worn her hair short since entering the group, but she’s managed to show a range of styles over time. Her current curls have a feminine vibe; complete with thick bangs, she frames her youthful face with a dolly bob that immediately gives her a fresh, innocent image.

The Tomboy

On the other hand, there are the classic tomboys in the idol groups who keep their hair closely cropped. These are the girls who once declared themselves as the ‘boys’ of the group, sporting a spunky haircut that stands out from the otherwise girly members.

Haruka Kudo

Haruka Kudo is beloved as the ikemen (good-looking guy) of Morning Musume. Although once the youngest member at her debut she quickly cut her hair and grew into a boyishly charismatic idol, often the object of the other members’ affections.


Meanwhile, fellow Hello! Project member Akari Takeuchi is the representative ikemen of ANGERME. Sporty and outgoing, her short, bouncy haircut suits her exuberant personality well. Akari pulls off the tomboy look while showing her cute side at the same time, a balance that fans find endearing.

Sleek and Mature

Short haircuts also often have a mature image, which can be a striking departure from the typical idol look. They easily make an idol look more adult-like, or even sexy.


Despite only being 16, Rikako Sasaki is known for her precociously cool beauty that is established not only in her idol activities but in modeling. The ANGERME member is an exclusive model for fashion magazine Seventeen, and knows how to work her distinctive look for the camera.


Perfume’s Nocchi has also established her trademark bob throughout her career. Her sleek, crisp hairstyle gives her a dignified beauty that few can pull off as effortlessly as she does. Over the years she’s experimented with bangs, but it’s safe to say she’s rocking the center part for now.

Loud and Proud


She may be abroad for the time being, but Cheeky Parade member Mariya Suzuki can’t be easily forgotten. The youngest of the group, she’s always made an impact from the beginning with her distinctive blonde bob. It’s impressive for a teenage idol to have such an eye-catching shade of hair, but it only amplifies her dynamic personality even more.

Prim and Proper


On the other end of the spectrum is simply the classic short haircut. Neat, clean and fuss-free, it’s a modest and gentle style.

Juice=Juice ace Karin Miyamoto has always been a true idol since even her days as a trainee. Her simple hairstyle is reflective of her personality as an idol—polished, refreshing and comforting in its humble attractiveness.

There are endless possibilities of hairstyles, but the right one could go a long way in making an impression on the audience. Long hair may still win in the majority, but there’s no denying that these idols certainly make the short haircut work for them.

Do you prefer long or short hair on idols?

Or even a buzz cut, like Kamiyasaki from BiS?

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