BABYMETAL Raises the Curtains on a New Era With SU-METAL’s Homecoming Live

BABYMETAL Raises the Curtains on a New Era With SU-METAL’s Homecoming Live

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On December 2 and 3 2017, BABYMETAL descended on Hiroshima Green Arena with their concert, Legend -S- Baptism XX. It was the first homecoming live for SU-METAL, who made a triumphant return to her hometown Hiroshima. SU-METAL will soon turn 20 on December 20.

Right before the first day of the concert YUIMETAL was deemed too unwell to participate, leaving only SU-METAL and MOAMETAL to fulfil the Three Sacred Treasures ritual comprising the mask, cape and necklace. The audience was filled with a mixture of anticipation and bewilderment, but nonetheless as soon as the lights went down the roars of the crowd went up.

The main stage boasted a majestic altar with the gate of the BAPTISM – XX – magic circle, with the substage enshrining a giant fox statue made of stone in its decaying rock walls. The magic circle center stage moved under the watchful eyes of the 6-headed fox guardian , as if it was heading into a new dimension.


Fans held their breath before SU-METAL as she took the stage, linking story and reality at her first live in Hiroshima in the lead up to her 20th birthday. For her solo performance of “Akatsuki”, she fought a powerful battle against herself as she acted out a fight with a performer dressed in the past costume. When “NO RAIN, NO RAINBOW” came on, the piano and strings accompaniment joined her in a dramatic expression of performance.

The concert ended with “BABYMETAL DEATH” in an fiery ritual of crucification, with SU-METAL surrounded by blazing flames. After a short film was played SU-METAL emerged dressed in a golden ensemble, with MOAMETAL joining her to perform “THE ONE – English ver. -“. They then opened the gate of BAPTISM -XX- atop the altar, ending the concert with a dazzling finish and marking the beginning of a new journey.


That night the holy ground of SU-METAL‘s hometown became the birthplace of a legendary metal spectacle, marked by its three grand revolving stages.


BABYMETAL forged a new era with their fierce determination, raising their resounding voices. In 2018 they will be performing at Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio, as well as appearing at the Download Festival UK in England. It’s only the beginning of METAL RESISTANCE Chapter 7, an anticipated new era.

Photos by Tsukasa Miyoshi (Showcase)

Rock On The Range 2018
March 18~20, 2018

Download Festival 2018
June 8~10, 2018
Donington Park, UK

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