BABYMETAL, Perfume, and Dozens of Japanese Artists Protest Ticket Scalping!

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BABYMETAL, Perfume, and Dozens of Japanese Artists Protest Ticket Scalping!

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On August 23, 2016, Tenbai No (No Resale) posted full page ads in Asahi Shinbun and Yomiuri Shinbun which united many of Japan’s most popular musical artists, including BABYMETAL and Perfume, against abusive ticket scalping practices.


With the words “We are against the high-priced ticket reselling which is stealing the future of music” (Watashitachi wa ongaku no mirai wo ubau chiketto kougaku tenbai ni hantai shimasu., 私たちは音楽の未来を奪うチケット高額転売に反対します。) preceding the long list that looked as if it was advertising a giant music festival. 24 music festivals including Fuji Rock, KNOTFEST JAPAN, and a-nation are also listed as supporters. For those of you who don’t read physical newspapers, a similar post is available on the Tenbai No site which was launched on the same day that the ads were published.


There is no doubt that ticket scalping runs rampant anywhere that big names of music are performing but, for overseas fans of Japanese artists the issue is even more complex. With sales practices which often require fan club membership as well as a Japanese address and mobile phone number and/or e-mail address just to apply for a lottery for a chance at winning tickets, the odds are stacked against those not in Japan. For some, purchasing marked up black market tickets is the only way to see their favorite artists.


Facial recognition technology that confirms that the identity of the ticket holder matches that of the purchaser for groups like Momoiro Clover Z has been in use since 2014. On one hand, this cuts down on scalping but also prevents people from asking friends or family in Japan to get them tickets before they make their trip. It also makes giving away tickets in the case where the purchaser cannot go.

With so many Japanese artists looking to crossover into the international market and perform overseas as well as attract a more global fanbase, it will remain to be seen how this will affect those efforts. Hopefully Tenbai No can find a way to slam the door shut on scalpers while keeping it open for true music fans all over the world who have been shut out by the current current system of ticket sales. Perhaps only the Fox God knows?

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