@JAM Navigator’s Yufu♬Mari to Debut with “HOTARU”

@JAM Navigator’s Yufu♬Mari to Debut with “HOTARU”

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On July 2nd, @JAM Navigator’s Yufu♬Mari will release their download-only single, “HOTARU.”

Cover for "HOTARU"

Cover for “HOTARU”

Yufu♬Mari is a limited-time-only unit comprised of Yufu Terashima, who began activities as a combination of idol and mascot character at Miss iD 2014, and Mari Takahashi, the lead vocalist of Dorothy Little Happy. They were brought together by Keiichi Hashimoto, an @JAM Producer seeking to give a boost to both @JAM and the idol scene.

The two stepped onstage together for the first time at Zepp DiverCity’s @JAM EXPO 2014 on May 31st, and it has been decided that they will be dissolved again on August 31st at Yokohama Arena’s @JAM EXPO 2014. During their three months of activity, they will distribute information about @JAM’s events while creating music together as a unit.

The worldwide theme that @JAM hopes to express will begin in the East with “HOTARU,” the song to be released as a download-only single today. The song combines an ephemeral melody featuring the samisen (Japanese traditional musical instrument) with lyrics about the firefly that brings to mind a Japanese summer—an exquisite pairing which produces a magical summer tune.

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