Ashu’s Real Self is Out! Nogizaka46 Asuka Saito Reveals the Secret of Her 1st Photobook “Shiosai”

Ashu’s Real Self is Out!  Nogizaka46 Asuka Saito Reveals the Secret of Her 1st Photobook “Shiosai”

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Nogizaka46 Asuka Saito, aka Ashu, had hand-over event (Owatashikai) of her first photo book “Shiosai” on January 25th, the release day of the photo book.


Asuka joined Nogizaka46 on 2011 as a first generation member and has receiving attention by becoming the center of Nogizaka46’s 15th single “Hadashi de Summer” released in 2016. More than a hundred thousand fans were viewing her photo book’s promotion streaming program on SHOWROOM the day before the release date.


At the press conference she talked about some episode from photo shooting. She commented “I let my real self out in most of the photos”, but also added “3/4 is real self and 1/4 is fake” which lead the press laugh.


“Why me?” was the first reaction when she heard about her solo photo book, she confessed. She was very worrying about it in the beginning, saying “All the photos in the photo book are me, right? I was feeling unsure about how it would be like…”

She told us the episode of not getting any practical advice from the other members of Nogizaka46 who already have published photo book, because she was too frank when asking it. When asked about the outcome of the photo book, she commented “I am happy, but also feel strange given that there are people who will see it” with bitter smile. That’s just liker her.

She showed another bitter smile when asked how she rated the photo book, saying “I shouldn’t rate too low score as it would make troubles but that doesn’t mean I should rate high score…that’s very difficult to answer.” She never forgot to show her gratitude to the staffs who worked for the photo book’s production.


Asuka never show a big smile and analyze herself as a type of person who pretend to be cool on stage, therefore it was unexpected that she picked up a photo which she is showing big smile in front of bear statues as her favorite one from the book. She said she couldn’t stop laughing because the bears’ jews were vibrating.


For the photo book, she takes her first challenge of posing in bikini, in addition to fun shot her on a Segway and cool fashion shoot. “It wasn’t uncomfortable to wear bikini but maybe I won’t do that for a while.”, Asuka talked about her experience. She was also curious about bikini’s history and showed off some episodes from her research at the press conference. Her unique way of speech loosened things up.

Reprinting of the photo book has confirmed before the release date and it will be a surefire hit ; that’s Nogizaka46’s new ace Asuka Saito. Her cute but cool look attracts not just male fans but female fans. She is also a regular model for female fashion magazine “SWEET” and her doll-like small face is praised as “the smallest face among idols in Japan”.


When asked about her idea for next photo book, she wished to go to Myanmar, her mother’s hometown, for shooting. She said she liked there as people were kind and it was fun, although she believed she would not suit warm countries. Asuka was selected for one of ANNA SUI’s Asian models and her fruitful future abroad is expected as well.

Written by Yama Junta
Photo by Kenji Harada

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Saito Asuka First Photo Book "Shiosai" / Asuka Saito, Kojiro Hosoi

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