Unveiling “Sexy” and “Kawaii” Of Erotic Japanese Girls From The Magazine “ar”!

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Unveiling “Sexy” and “Kawaii” Of Erotic Japanese Girls From The Magazine “ar”!

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The biggest fashion trend of 2015 was definitely “Ofero“. This is a created word from the word pheromones, meaning pure and sexy. The Hangover makeup (previous article: )look helped to create the perfect Ofero face with wet looking hair and blush. The sexy look for Japanese girls still continues to be popular with the push of the magazine “ar“.


“ar” is a magazine with a subtitle saying “Our Favorites are Kawaii Ero”. I can understand that something cute can be sexy at the same time, but this new notion of the types of sexy is a new trend. The most popular is not the ones that are obviously sexy but the ones that are cute sexy( as in the cute as an adjective of sexy ).  Well, let me introduce what is inside this magazine.


The cover for this month is our beloved Paruru! On the bottom has the words “YOU ARE SO SEXY“. Yeah, as if you’ve actually met me. Such Japanese English. But Paruru is cute as always so I think everythings ok.


Here is the table of contents. Within the featured articles section, they just have to use the word “sexy” so many times! They used the word sexy (along with any other word used for saying sexy) 10 times within the 10 featured article titles and subtitles. Maybe a bit overdoing it?


Here are some super “poetic” lines(floating blocks) with captions on the side of pictures.

…"Weapons of Love= Little Devil × BABY ÷ Sex Appeal"...what does it mean!?!?!?

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